Autobiography of Barack Obama

President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham. Obama Sr., a Muslim, was an exchange student from Kenya and his mother was from Kansas. Barack Obama’s father abandoned his family soon after he was born and he was brought up by his mother.

Ann Dunham started to date Lolo Sobero, another Muslim and soon married him and moved to Indonesia. Obama went to a Muslim school in Indonesia. Throughout this time, Obama kept in touch with his father Barack Obama Sr. who was now living in Kenya. They exchanged a number of letters and these became the subject for Obama’s book, Dreams from my father.

Later on in life, he moved back to the United States to live with his maternal grandparents. He was particular close to his grandmother who took out a number of loans in order to finance Barack Obama’s education. She died 2 days before he was elected the President of the United States.

Obama attended Columbia University and then Harvard, where he received his law degree. There, he excelled in academics and sports. After he graduated, he joined a civil rights law firm where he met his future wife Michelle Obama, who was also a lawyer there and mentored him.

After they got married, Barack and Michelle Obama had two daughters, Sasha and Malia. They grew up in Chicago where Barack Obama was a community organizer.

In 2004, Obama won the senate seat from Illinois. He was only the fifth African American to do so. In that time, he became exceedingly popular within the Democratic Party.

In 2007, he entered the presidential race and contested the primaries against contenders like Hillary Clinton and his future vice president Joe Biden. In 2008, he was elected the first African-American president of the United States.

Along with the presidency, Obama has inherited a failing economy, two wars and a lot of domestic and international issues.