Authority Speaking: When Men Misuse Power

Oh, how power is misused in this world!

To subjugate the weaker-willed of men;

How power corrupts most men manifold!

Making men slaves; gain wealth, subdue the pen.

The Above lines are from the Sonnet made by Dr. John Celes. Entitled Misuse of Power, this sonnet actually gives us a picture of how men with power use such opportunity to make weaker man weak as they also enslave themselves to wealth, as they take more hold of their position.

They are men with position: the boss, the general, the people, who have taken the position much higher than others.—but why does people with such authority get a bad reputation?

Spiderman clearly gives us the quote “with great power comes great responsibility”. Clearly this means that to take care of the people around you for the affectivity of each role would mean to be considerate and be smart in every choice you make that involves them. Abuse of power usually happens when they have no idea what they already have. They have the power to lead in democracy, everybody free to speak one’s mind for the benefit of the team. However the misuse happen when they themselves become enclosed in their own ideas and let others go failing. This usually leads to the team’s breakup that is not so easy to mend. It is hard to come into terms that may help benefit the whole team and it is hard to earn back trust because of one person’s selfish intent. Once this is not met, power may turn a person from selfish to corrupt and being corrupt means to even influence others to go bid his way. This may definitely, permanently break bonds and at times ruin whatever morale a person has.

The work area is but the best example where rapport between boss, associates, and workers are first seen. In order to bring about a peaceful “co-existence” inside the place, the head officials should keep the following in mind:

1.  Build healthy relationships. Leaders are meant to influence people. Motivating the work force to do their best and to ensure that there is growth in each makes them more united and appreciative of each skill. As a leader handing task and doing your own may be your job but at the end of the day, when work is done, a negative behavior still pulls you down.  

2.   Playing favorites. There are instances when a person may favor one due to some characteristics that made them an eye catcher. However learn to look at each in equally taking notes of their specific strength. Motivate each and try to get to know everyone so as to avoid favoritism.

3.  Be careful with your word. Words are very powerful. To let go of one may mean destruction of the other. Think first before speaking and try to moderate your speech. Try not to go with a team member neck to neck. Keep things calms as there are times people search for something that may lead to your embarrassment and possibly termination from work especially when you gain enemies.

4.  Hold yourself higher. You are the boss and not a member. There are times that you’ll have to joke and talk with them so as to make them at ease and learn more of their needs, however keep in mind that there should be a limit to your way of approach so as not to let them abuse the attention you are giving them. People search for leaders who can see the needs of his men especially one that they feel are ready to listen to their heeds.