Austria Rhyme?? Hold Up The Cradle Of Arts Star

Shenzhen Ao Yun Arts Training Center is officially registered by the Department of Cultural Affairs arts and cultural training institutions, is the Southern Television (TVS? 6) training base in Shenzhen Children’s Art Troupe, and with a number of joint educational media and teaching institutions. Centered teaching environment is spacious and bright, strong teaching, teaching quality, course is complete, and commissioned a number of professors, teaching himself not only to provide the participants a starting point, high grade teaching philosophy, but also provide the participants with a stage show.

Centre has been serving the community in good faith in order to fine teaching based in Shenzhen; for each student to experience low pay, high return. Arts training center for the carrier, the training target for the general primary and secondary students in Shenzhen City, kindergarten students and staff to prepare studies. Merlin anchored to a village and the center of the city schools to develop progressively.

Centre has strong teaching including professors, graduate students, teachers at the national level, excellent service teachers. Set collective class project model, dance, small press, small hosts, Orff music music music theory class based literacy classes. And small class projects, including piano, organ, violin, zither, erhu, saxophone, guitar and vocal.

The center features one of the professional dance training feather flowers, is run by the Beijing Dance Academy teachers, professional teaching team. Wei, head of the teacher. 12-year-old started to learn dance, performance of 17-year-old went to Japan in 1994, taught dance to stay in Beijing, appeared in behalf of Dance Dance drama “Peony Fairy” Peony Fairy decorative role. Visited Japan, Thailand, Italy and other countries; in 1997 in Italy by the director Zhang Yimou invited to participate in the opera “Turandot” performance; led North dance teacher with the Beijing Dance Academy teaching materials, individualized, outstanding comprehensive, consistent, characteristic of, teaching institutions as the city’s brand, culture and art, Futian District was absorbed by industry associations as members. The center has been set at the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Examination of teachers, students grade exam test center of Shenzhen. The Dance Center performing arts with classes, models dancing classes, professional colleges matriculation classes, musical theater classes, ballroom dancing classes, adult physical training courses, features dancing classes, modern dance classes, Chinese dance class, ballet class, middle-aged Dance classes.

Love into the center teachers to teaching and heart to touch the hearts of each student, with images, vivid language and guide student imagination and creativity generated. To generalist reaction, coordination, development of intellectual training, while cultivating the self-confidence, perseverance and spirit of bearing hardships and improve personal artistic temperament and artistic accomplishments.

Austria rhyme arts training center in Shenzhen, a southern training base stations, in the May 29, 2005 successfully held the “Little King of the South second television Competition” Shenzhen trials. The competition sending the players were young children were in the final Gold Medal, Silver Children group. July 2005, the Centre in the first “Green fairy tale King Contest” in sending players Shenzhen trials on behalf of the Shenzhen won a gold medal in the final. In October of the “Fourth Model Contest and the Children of the South Pacific Children’s Model Contest” in the sending of the 10 small players, all advanced to the semifinals, and then in October 20 of the semi-finals, final cut another 5. Training which is being strained, to prepare for war in January 2006 Asia Pacific regional finals.

At this point, just turned one year old Austrian rhyme arts training center training in the arts industry, and Shenzhen in the province and the country’s major events, arts education in Shenzhen made an important contribution.