Athlete’s Foot Get A Symptom Diagnosis Online


Ask any individual suffering with Athlete’s Foot what the worst part is and they will quickly reveal to you it is the ITCH! This itch can be so intense that an individual afflicted with the fungal infection might start to wonder if it’s worth keeping the foot – lol. There are many anit-fungal sprays that can give some edge of relief yet for this medical condition the home remedies seem to pack a better punch. Here is what you need to know to get rid of the itch quickly . For a medical symptom diagnosis of other common skin disorders go to

Athletes Foot ( also know as Tinea Pedis for those who like technical phrases) is a typical fungal infection that affects the soles of the feet and the skin between the toes.

You can know you have been infected if you discover scaly, grayish-white or red skin among your toes and intense itchiness. The affected skin can also smell musty as if the aforementioned signs or symptoms were not bad enough.

It is brought on by arriving in touch with the fungus. Athlete’s foot is a extremely contagious issue that distributes quickly when strolling barefoot in public locker rooms or showers.

Home Treatments for Athlete’s Foot

First of all, if you have the skin infection, proper care should be taken to stop the spread of the fungus, you do not want to spread it along. As talked about above there are over-the-counter anti-fungal powder or ointment that can be applied after a bath and can assist the symptoms but above all you would want to maintain the affected area dry and cool by going barefoot or wearing sandals, changing shoes and socks often, employing a drying powder on the toes and trying to avoid sweat.

Here are more additional home treatments that you can focus on with your doctor and then try:

1. Tea tree oil may take away the itch and various signs and symptoms simply be conscious that it may not cure the root fungal infection.

2. Clean up your tub or bath floor with bleach to destroy any fungus.

3. Eat a lot more garlic. A component identified in garlic, Ajoene, is identified to be effective in combating athlete’s foot.

Over all keep the feet dry and the shoes clean and you could get ahead of the annoying infection.