Assembling an Emerson Ceiling Fan

An Emerson ceiling fan can be a durable and efficient fan, becoming manufactured by one of the leading companies in fan design and technology. The firm was responsible in producing the incredibly very first electric motor that operates on AC present. It was the commence of the Emerson’s hundreds of years of devoted service. The fans are easy to install and you can do it yourself by following these easy directions.

Points You’ll Will need

1 Stepladder
1 pc of electric tape
2 screwdrivers
1 utility knife
Wire nuts (supplied by the manufacturer)


Step 1 – Assemble the Fan

Using the manufacturer’s manual, assemble the Emerson ceiling fan with out attaching the globes, lighting and blades.

Step 2 – Install the Fan

Using the main breaker off, install the fan by attaching it to the ceiling utilizing the bolts. Secure safely and securely.

Step three – Prepare the Bracket

Separate the wires in the bracket by inserting the downrod’s hanger ball into the bracket by lowering the ball into the bracket cradle.

Step four – Connect the Wires

The green grounding wire from the hanger bracket is connected towards the ground wire of similar color. The copper grounding wire is connected to the wire nut supplied. The white wire should also be connected using the white wire from the ceiling outer box. This procedure is also performed using the black and blue wire coming from the downrod. Make use of supplied wire nuts by the Emerson ceiling fan.

Step five – Complete the Connection

Finally connect the blue wire from the downrod to the red wire from the outlet box from the ceiling.

Step 6- Wrap the Wires with Electric Tapes

Double check the wires and tighten the wire nuts securely to ensure proper connection, then wrap every single wire carefully with electric tape. Press gently the connected wires into the outer box of the ceiling.

Step 7 – Insert the Studs

Using the tapped holes within the hanger bracket, location the threaded studs into it. The Emerson ceiling fan manual will show you the studs should you can not discover them.

Step 8 – Install the Ceiling Cover

Secure and tighten the ceiling cover snugly into the ceiling by making use of the two knobs. The cover should be lifted up the downrod along with the hanger bracket using the threaded studs protruding via the cover’s holes.

Step 9 – Install the Rest

You are able to now add the globes, fan blades plus the light bulbs by following the manuals directions.

Step 10 – Restore the Power

Turn on the major breaker and test your newly installed ceiling fan.

You could double check your set-up before turning on the energy. In case you have doubts, then call in an electrician to check the set-up of the Emerson ceiling fan for you. It pays to be careful with regards to electrical appliances.

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