Approach Descendents of American Illegal Immigrates


Approach Descendents of American Illegal Immigrates

———— In Order To Live Legally


Support Dream Act

At the chest of Lesley, there is a special dark blue T shirt, with several characters “I am an incident without licenses” clearly at the front.

Sometimes Lesley will wear the T shirt at campus activities or parties of friends, however she shall never wear it go into the street or take buses alone. Because she clearly understand that if you publish your status as illegal immigrates at wrong places or environments, you may lose all you possess now nowadays, what’s more, it will be dangerous for your life.

Lesley also wore the T shirt for several collective activities, prompting the approval of Dream Act, in order to obtain legal status of those illegal immigrates.

Dream Act is a bill which has been submitted by U.S Congress at the beginning of 2001, aiming at providing approaches for those immigrates who have come to United States at childhood, lived here more 5 years and accept senior secondary education to get legal status, on one condition that they should have got to university or be in military service for two years.

Bill supporters think that Dream Act can make some immigrates with aspiration and academic achievements work at some professional fields, otherwise, many young immigrates will be limited when finding a job, finally they will work as an illegal like their elder generation.

American research institute Immigrate Policy Research Institute said if Dream Act has been passed through, there will be about 825,000 immigrates beneficial from it.

Chad. J. Durbin, as Congress senator at Illinois and a member of Democratic Party, has planned to put the act as an amendment in National Defense Authorization Act, due to the oppositions of some Republican Party members, the act has not passed through when Congress decides by vote. Even though Durbin did not give up, what’s more he has planned to propose Dream Act again as an independent case within the next two years.

   Steven. A. Camaro, as director of United States Center for Immigration Studies Research, owns different ideas, thinking that it is possible Dream Act may provide more channels for immigrates making false status, encourage more foreigners immigrate into America, with the result that illegal immigrates and legal citizen will struggle for limited education resources.

There is a rather long way for them to realize dreams.

There are a lot of Dream Act advocators who have struggled over 6 years for bill establishment, but unfortunately the desire has not been realized. They support strongly Barach. Obama as president, hoping Obama can help them promote related regulations, but until now, all this is just a dream.  

Mexican immigrate al-Ilah Carillo is 25 years old now, who is also the creator of ” dream alliance” at Kansas and Missouri, migrating around the United States and publishing speeches, searching support for Dream Act.

In May Carillo has established a group with four other companies who own the same desire for Dream Act, determining to obtain the support of Republican Party senator John Mackain at Arizona by sitting quietly. Among those five people, only one is legal citizen in America.

Nowadays, it seems that the young at 20s have become the main force for advocating Dream Act. Last year they have organized tens of marches, starvations, publishing illegal status, sitting quietly before government and some other demonstration activities, some have been arrested, even been deported.

There is one thing that should be noticed, among demonstration activities participants, mainly are female, it seems that many male illegal immigrates have given up struggles for more rights. At the latest demonstration activity, two thirds of those who have been arrested are female, including some creators and leaders of Dream Act.

Among these female who are keen on right-safeguard, many people’s mother go in for housekeeper, gardener and some other jobs, keeping low profiles. On the contrary, their daughters grow up in America, it seems that they more would like to get rid of all restrictions, fighting for their own rights.

When toddling, Viola has migrated from Mexico to America, now she is a graduate at the University of California. “We have done what we should do” Viola said, “We have been preeminent, due to some other reasons, we have no choices, our whole life will come to a standstill. “

Lesley said she may go back home after the classes end, going in for some full time job like server. She hoped to obtain personal scholarship, thus she can continue her study of Master degree, she can wait for adaptation of Dream Act while studying. Then she can find a job which will make her satisfied fully.


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