Applied Materials Re

November 17, AppliedMaterial announced the formal acquisition of Semitool, Applied therefore will enter the fast-growing field of advanced packaging equipment. On the same day, Applied announced that, together with MerckKGaA and Braunschweig University, shared the German Government LED “> OLED R & D Incentive Fund to jointly develop low-cost LED”> OLED manufacturing process. Following the success in post-TFT and solar cell industry, AppliedMaterials blew again into the “big Semiconductor “Industry horn.

AppliedMaterials will pay about 364 million U.S. dollars to 11 U.S. dollars per share to buy Semitool shares. Semitool is a plating and surface cleaning equipment suppliers, customers all over the world’s packaging plant and Chip Factory.

Gartner analyst DeanFreeman device that indicates the acquisition of copper deposition Applied Materials equipment in the beginning of a new, as Applied Materials two years ago and with great efforts have been developed in the Department of copper deposition equipment Close. The Semitool in 2008 in Damascus, in the global copper deposition equipment, double the market share of 24% to 30 million U.S. dollars, but compared to Novellus (Novellus) was 73,6%, reaching 92.4 million U.S. dollars. So Applied Materials The acquisition is for a very obvious from Novellus.

Also used in the bump flip-chip package structure, gold and other metal plating equipment, Semitool in 2008, dominated by 86% to 63 million U.S. dollars, while another Nexx (BillericaMass) 14% . The other by Gartner in the nascent field of technology by 3-D TSV interconnect devices, Semitol and Japan Ebara (Haneda, Japan) each accounted for 34% of the market.

MerckKGaA is the LED “> OLED material suppliers, the German government’s LED”> OLED project 749 million euros. It is optimistic about the future of solid energy-saving light source in the development of society, AppliedMaterials involved in this last 3 years LILi (LightInLine) program.

Looking back, AppliedMaterials through acquisitions AppliedFilms, HCT and Baccini3 home crystalline silicon equipment company to successfully enter the largest area of crystalline silicon PV market. Research and development than starting from scratch, this way of mergers and acquisitions for the company gained valuable time. Now, Applied has become the world’s oldest photovoltaic devices.

In the FPD field, Applied also wonderful. Through acquisitions, now Applied FPD has become the world’s largest equipment supplier, in the PECVD, dominate the field test.

“When the boss” to profit, it seems to be the former Road Rules of the semiconductor equipment industry’s potential. In Financial Crisis, the number of equipment companies can not resist the cold of winter, and come to an end, then bought it on Applied naturally into new areas is a good time.

The same time, this rule seems a result of Applied’s arrival, and will be taken to a “semiconductor” in the field, the integration of equipment and materials companies may be in the near future, in the package, LED, LED “> OLED and other areas continue to staged.