Appliances From Imitation To Innovation Patents To The Core Technological Breakthroughs

.tags With the rapid development of home appliance industry, China’s home appliance patents has grown from nothing, from imitation to innovation, from manufacturing to China to create China’s development. In recent years, the international home appliance industry patent disputes seemed to increase, it indicates that the development of China’s home appliance industry has attracted international attention, but it also prompts us how to set up local household electrical appliance enterprises own intellectual property rights of patent system has become an unavoidable issue.

scratch from imitation to innovation 1978 1 month, the State Council decided to develop the household appliances industry, the organization set up to set the Hardware Industry, and at that time, China’s household appliances industry is an almost blank, then, imitation has become a very natural thing. While in 1981, the former Ministry of Light Industry Research Institute has organized institutions such as home appliances in China to do absorption

Refrigerator Research and development, hoping to develop their own products out of China, but according to experts participated in the study said, was just looking for a lot of information on foreign imitation of the refrigerator. At that time the Chinese home appliance industry, the concept of the patent are relatively indifferent, let alone on a concept of intellectual property rights protection. “In recent years, China’s household electrical appliances has greatly increased the number of patents.” Vice chairman of China’s home appliance Liu Fu told reporters that the early years of an enterprise in Guangdong since the appearance of a patent infringement case as the defendant, the result has paid several million dollars. So now many companies are paying more attention to household appliances and patent technology R & D applications, including design patents, utility model patents, and the establishment of the intellectual property system and management system.

National quality inspection center of household appliances Minister Jian-Guo Lu also told reporters that China’s household electrical appliance production from imitation, gradually developing in recent years to maintain a relatively rapid in the patent rate of development, at the end, my only

Washing machine There are a number of patent terms in 2000, of which the hybrid Haier, Little Swan’s Water Cube, Rongshida water banks belong to the core technology patents, and utility patents are also growing. Let us joy, some private enterprises, such as new music, Ningbo, Cixi Shunda, also has the independent intellectual property patents.

In OEM production of export Small appliances Cixi, Zhejiang Province, famous, now has 142 corporate R & D center. Strong civil R & D capability, the total number of patents granted the city ranked 4 consecutive years, Zhejiang county (city) District No. 1, total patents has reached 5027, of which 77.8%% of the patents have been put into production. Some enterprises have used the loan or transfer of the patent to profit, there is a lot of money per year income. Many export-oriented enterprise by developing proprietary technology, now has to find a breakthrough in foreign technical barriers and enhance the positive interaction with the effectiveness of development. So far, a total of Cixi household electrical appliance enterprises and eliminate the five technical barriers in international trade, patent 257, license 189, in the United States, Japan and many other countries for 15 patents.

patent barriers frequently encountered In recent years, China’s household electrical appliance enterprises frequently patent difficulties. Early in 2002, represented by Thomson 1C, Philips represented 3C, 6C, represented by Toshiba and a number of

DVD Manufacturers alliance companies to ask for DVD royalties China; then asked the Chinese Thomson

TV Company to pay patent fees; 2007, the United States also proposed that all exports to the U.S. market

TV Must comply with the ATSC standard, but to reach this standard on the wound, but the relevant patent.

In addition, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said the Secretary-General Jiang Feng, China’s commitment to 2013

Air conditioning Reduction of 10% of current refrigerant, although our air conditioning refrigerant basic technical obstacles do not exist, but because of the current alternatives to patents held by companies such as Honeywell and DuPont hand, these companies control the patents has been unwilling to open to Chinese enterprises, to advance large-scale in the country to alternative, but also need to address the cost, installation and after-sales service and other issues.

Fu-in that the home appliance industry in China frequently suffered from patent barriers can be seen that there is no bigger and stronger core technology is not an industry, even though everyone knows the truth, but we chose the quick success of some enterprises, in the core technology patents there are still gaps; the same time, so the market must comply with relevant rules of the game, in China’s accession to WTO, which is especially important to use someone else’s proprietary technology, we should pay a certain percentage to the other user fees, no doubt about that.