Applauding for minds that are examples of modern excellence!


We know and are very well aware that science in today’s world is going through with its golden phase. We also know that not single thing around us has been or is untouched with its effect. It is leading from the front and Man is that ultimate source who took the thinking to a greater level in order to enhance the meaning of science to a broader and effective horizon. The devotion of people like Yeturu Aahlad the Chief Scientist of WANdisco located in San Ramon, CA indicates the perfection a man achieve in the field of science and innovation. His vision and persistence that led to the invention of technology that many thought was impossible – was of active-active replication (WANdisco’s patent pending DConE technology). In the 21st century such sharp minded people are doing out standing jobs and constantly
pursue to uncover or discover things that could be some thing highly favorable for the Mankind.

How ever the most inspiring and versatile creation of human being to date is the advanced devices that has captured the minds and life styles of people- A computer, With time we’ve seen some extra ordinary development in the field of computers. High speed Internet makes a child’s walk and the reason ‘’why’’ are also familiar to us. But we can’t say that is just it, because the future always has every thing which makes significant moves and technical advancement comes along with it. Human mentality is always on the path of growth. Companies like American Transmission which is in Waukesha, WI and the workings managed by John Aaholm, the Manager of Information Technology Services in the company, determines to some how crack the code to facilitate global community with ultra modern computing devices. The jobs are assigned to individuals and we must be assured that sincere approach would provide excellent outcome of the hard work.

Although in The United States there is a trend that people prefer shopping online rather than going to a market itself. And as the internet has became an integral part of our lives, all the shopping we do by making orders to websites or other companies over the internet, we must not forget the excellence and ,accuracy of shipping companies which we generally never bother to know how intense and complicated the things they manage. We know that FedEx is our most trusted choice for the items to receive a timely shipment. But we should understand the amount of hard work put by Sherry Aaholm executive vice president of Information Technology in Memphis, TN who co-ordinate things in such manners that never bring a question mark to the companies name. And that apparently makes FedEx the choice for almost all of us.