Ancient City Of Streaming Media Solutions For Education Man – Metropolitan Area Network Education –

Recently, the industry leader in streaming media Technology Suppliers VIEWGOOD announced Baotou, Inner Mongolia Educational MAN streaming media system completion. This is VIEWGOOD Following the successful construction project Karamay Education MAN streaming media, streaming media Shenyang metro project of education after another success story.

I. Background It is understood that a total of 222 schools in Baotou City, and educational institutions into a high standard ” Campus Network “, The computer has a volume of 16,630 total units, 535 multi-media classrooms, campus monitoring system 18 sets, 1406 sets of two-way closed-circuit television broadcast system, teaching resource library 105. However, the campus network independent of each other, can not share resources, need to a streaming media service platform to connect all schools and engine room, shared network resources education.

Second, demand analysis Baotou on MAN according to the goal, their needs are as follows:

1, the system requires a strong concurrent performance and support needs of the entire metropolitan area of concurrent load.

2, platform, webcast live to be able to set up as “masters class” live this column, share the wonderful courses to facilitate students in a timely manner to enhance the interaction between teachers and students.

3, for the convenience of students to use learning resources, the platform can be recorded on the exciting programs, Storage .

4, platform to support document sharing, to establish a database for students to learn.

5, the platform playback better. 6, as platform for the region involved in the huge breadth and complexity of the platform content, the system need to provide easy to use and back-office management methods.

7, as an educational platform, the system needs a better safety performance, ensuring the smooth day to day teaching.

III design VIEWGOOD careful analysis of technical staff in Baotou City Board of Education of the actual demand, the Bureau of Education presented a complete and applicable Solutions . Demand system and the entire platform, including live systems, comprehensive and convenient for students to improve learning environment; platform to increase CDN functional modules, to solve because the user Visit Large, uneven distribution network, bringing the backbone network congestion problems, a comprehensive platform to improve user access to the contents of the scope and speed of response; platform, single point of user authentication system in learning to use, easy platform management, it also increases platform security.

(1), Web VOD video on demand System

1, strong concurrent performance: VIEWGOOD underlying proprietary Web-based streaming media exchange VConnect technology can program stream to control the network transmission speed, while using file read-ahead, stream buffer and connection multiplexing and many other technologies, greatly improve the system of concurrent performance. 1000 concurrent single unbuffered.

2, batch program to add: add video content for the program frequently features, the system provides a powerful batch add function, which can select multiple files by hand the increase of operation, you can also select a directory (which can contain multiple subdirectories ) to increase the operating volume; also automatically copies the increase in regular operation.

3, program the remote to add management: remote add programs, compatible with IE, CuteFTP, FlashFXP, FTPRush, LeapFTP other standard FTP software to support HTTP. Remote program management, and support program audit.

4, shows rapid drag and drop: Drag and Drop support programs in any format, drag and drop a very short delay.

5, anti-Daolian, anti download: generate dynamic ID verification technology, two-factor authentication (user authentication, end to end dynamic ID certification), effective tools to prevent users from using programs to download and watch programs Daolian; perfect mechanism of anti-Daolian operators in time to avoid loss of resources.