An Introduction To Spanish Food And Cooking

.tags Spanish food is a unique and healthy cuisine that caters to almost every taste and lifestyle. Most often when people speak of Spanish food, the cuisine that comes to mind is actually Mexican food, as there are many fast food versions of this in America. And while they are slightly similar, Spanish food in general is a lighter choice. Spain is surrounded by water and it shows in the menu options, as many dishes are centered on seafood, though they are hardly limited to this.

Preparation of seafood is essential to successful Spanish cooking. Additionally, Spaniards are known for light and healthy eating. Often, they will have several small tasting plates, known as tapas. This is a wonderful opportunity to try many different types of foods and not become overly full. Spanish cooking is complex in that it incorporates many flavors and combinations. While it may appear to be quite easy to prepare, it really is best to leave the cooking to the masters.

It is of utmost importance, especially when new to the cuisine, that you taste foods that have been prepared well by experts. Spaniards eat well and it is surprising that the cuisine is not more prevalent worldwide. Many of the current trends in dining appear to be taken directly from this region.

Foods are most often prepared in olive oil, one of the healthiest of the cooking oils. Olive promotes overall physical health and foods cooked in it taste lighter and fresher than those doused in butters and creams. Seafood is a magnificent choice; whether you prefer clams, scallops, shrimp, lobster, or even mussels- there many options from which to choose.

Salmon and tilapia are also specialties within Spanish cooking and can be enjoyed in many differing fashions. Garlic is typically added to enhance flavors and delight the pallet, while providing numerous health benefits as well.

Rice and vegetables are part of the main courses within Spanish cuisine. Perhaps one of the most famous of dishes from Spain is paella. This meal is typically composed of saffron rice with a variety of seafood. Paired with a glass of wine, it makes for a healthy and delicious meal.

Vegetables have a place as well within Spanish dishes. Roasted peppers and olives are quite popular. A dish that may sound familiar, but is probably not what one would think of is a tortilla. Rather than envisioning a taco, think a fluffy vegetable omelet that melts in your mouth.

For those who prefer poultry and red meats, they have a place within Spanish cuisine as well. Meats are tastefully prepared in the style of the region. Chicken quite often is served in a wine based sauce similar to Marsala. Often, poultry will be served fajita style so that you can experience the flavors of the meats and vegetables.

Veal and lamb are sometimes featured alongside traditional beef choices. They are often served in a wine-based sauce with mushrooms and other fresh vegetables. Rice is usually included and occasionally, Spanish potatoes may be included as well.

Regardless of your taste and preferences, there is something to be found within Spanish cuisine. As a healthy, delicious option, Spanish foods will delight even the most discerning diners.