An Industry Overview Of Dotme Domain Names

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by wodjol

An Industry Overview Of Dotme Domain Names

The purpose of domain names used by websites is to identify themselves among their users. Since, this is a way by which they are recognized throughout the internet, they have to be unique in all ways. In the two part structure of domain names, the second half usually represents the purpose or group to which a website belongs. In this way, an .aero stands for airport or a dotmil stands for military. There is a wide collection of such domain name extensions widely used in internet. Dotme is a domain name assigned to Montenegro.

This domain name became active in the 24, September 2007. In 2008, the registration for the dotme domain names was opened to all dotme domain names at various registrars. The extension dotme to form dotme domain names was assigned to the country as its country code, when the nation became an independent nation in the year 2006. However the government of Montenegro decided that, dotme could be used as a more or less generic domain name. This was decided when dotme domain name was considered for the world wide appeal.

Registration of dotme domain name is opened to all and any one could get a domain name with this extension. A third level registration is available to the internet users in this area of Montenegro. As per this, codotme stands for corporations and belong to the unrestricted domain name category. Netdotme is available for an unlimited domain registration and hence this is best suitable for the internet service providers.

The dotme domain names were purchased in the form of domain hacks in English. Some of the domain names with this extension were sold for high prices in internet. Several websites were created with this domain name extension during the auction period by Landrush. Some of these websites got the top and the best bidding service when the auctions were performed in internet for these website domain names.
dotme domain name registration is a liberal one as compared to other domain names.

As a result, some of the domain registration services provide the facility for registration with this domain name. Registrars give unlimited domain naming service for the website owners through this facility. Some restrictions do exist for some particular higher level domain names with dotme extension. Such domain names could be used only by specific websites and are less in use. Cheap or free domain name services could be used by websites when they try to get this open domain naming service to name their website.

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