An Independent and Republican on Terrorism

Independent and Republican. If you’re reading this most likely you already realize Lieberman a former Democrat who won his chair running on an independent ticket has given his endorsement to a Republican. Lieberman was quoted as stating that McCain has “the best chance of uniting the country in its fight against Islamic terrorism.”

This is very interesting to see Joe Lieberman support McCain because Lieberman is not tied to a particular party. He does not have to fully comply to party politics. Lieberman being an independent is interestingly enough only one of two Senators to change their party affiliation since the late 80’s. The last senator to change his affiliations was senator from Vermont.

Political supporters should be happy to see Independent and Republicanwilling to work together. Unfortunately, with McCain’s backing of the fight on terrorism voters should also be asking to what extent do they support the fight against terrorism Independent and Republican actions and what would they be willing to do to continue the fight on terrorism? This is important because our citizens need to know the intent of McCain if he becomes president. Will McCain try to keep our troops in Iraq? If so, what will he use to measure success on the war on terrorism? How much will the U.S. continue to pay to fight and endless war. The cost is large in both lives and money

The oath of the U.S. military and our elected officials is to protect our country from harm both foreign and domestic. I am sure most Americans are already aware of the oath; however, what if the war is a subverted domestic attack on the financial stability of the U.S.? What’s could be possible indicators of this type of attack, A week dollar, Skyrocketing energy prices the shrinking of the middle class are possible indicators of an attack on our economy. Independents and Republicans are aware of this as they have given speeches on these subjects. However, is Independent and Republican unknowingly supporting an attack on US financial system?

I am not saying Independent senators and Republicans are domestic terrorists. On the contrary, both Independent and Republicans were once considered fiscally conservative. However, I believe a point should be made on fiscal responsibility to help prevent a possible underlying plan from foreign terrorists to help bring down the U.S. financially.

Independents and Republicanshave proved their dedication to the Senate and the United States. Joe Lieberman’s dedication was shown by his desire to run for his seat as an independent when his own party to tried to blackball him causing him to lose the democratic primary. John M. obvious service and sacrifice as a prisoner of war and his continued service in the Senate are obvious indicators of his dedication to the U.S.

These are only hypothetical theories on how it is possible for a plan to be created. This theory could be supported by the World Trade Center attack a financial center for the U.S. and other countries, which was attacked more than one time with the final conclusion of the Twin Towers on 9/11. This can only lead to a conclusion that Independent and Republican should be aware of an attack on the U.S. fiscal stability.