An ideal home office

It was with the industrial revolution that the concept of ‘factories’ originated where people were required to go for doing their works. This initiated the movement of people out and away from of their homes and to the separate work places where the home influences did not work and where the rules of the work were set by the owners of the ‘factories’. Things have come full circle now with the use of computers and the internet technology. The progress in the field of information and communication technology has permitted us to once again make our home our workplace, call it the  home office.


For people whose works involve the use of computers and internet, a home can be made into an office as well. An ideal home office makes use of the benefits of both the home and the office while doing away with the limitations of both of them, to the extent possible. The consumer electronics companies have played a big role in fructifying this concept.


What shall you have to make an ideal office at home?

The Equipment: Desktop PCs or laptops, or Tablet PCs or Notebooks with broadband connection, active telephone lines, UPS, Power back up and web cam are some of the important devices to be had. Similarly, you can opt for a multi-functional printer which combines the functions of photocopy, printing, scanning and faxing in one machine, thereby saving you immense space
A separate space within the home: You must have the office space separate from the disturbances of home. Make use of those glasses and partitions which do not allow the noise to come into the office.
An understanding family: It is important that when you are dealing with the clients from your home, the family members do not register their presence by being visible or audible. This leaves a very bad, unprofessional impression on the client.
Layout: Which articles shall be placed closer to your work table and which shall be placed away? The layout determines the efficiency of work efforts.
Theme colours of walls and furnishings go a long way in boosting your morale to work. Planting of green plants outside simply adds to the mood to work more.
Provision of adequate sunlight and lightening: There is definitely a great degree of charm associated with coming into the office that is receiving plenty of light and is adequately ventilated to allow fresh air to come in.
Ergonomics: The design, placement and dimensions of furniture shall be comfortable for work. It should not be too comfortable or less comfortable, both of which situations reduce productivity. The monitors of computers on the desk shall be at adequate distance at the right place.

An ideal home office shall be modern. It shall make use of the right equipment and accessories, preferably from the top brands like HTC, Netgear or others that are well known in their respective product categories. The branded consumer electronic products are durable and come with reliable after-sales services and warranties.