An Idea Called Tumbhi Showcase Your Talent

With the advent of computers and connectivity, and devices like iPhone, iPad, Kindle and many others that would be flooding the markets in the future, the publishing industry would fundamentally change. We will be reading the books, listening to music, buying and selling arts differently than today.

In todays world it is either an accident or infinitely laborious task to become famous even if one has great talent. Tumbhi is an attempt to discover their talent, nurture it by arranging proper training and publish their quality work. Tumbhi aims to cover the entire range of arts and artistes and be known for being one of the most prestigious Talent Agencies for artistes, original art pieces and buyers/lovers of art.

Tumbhi (Meaning in English: You too) is an online portal that seeks to transforms the lives of artists, art lovers and art seekers by Showcasing Talent Portfolio. It connects aspiring, patron-starved artists to suitable patrons and art lovers globally. It gives undiscovered artists around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to further spur their latent creativity. Tumbhi aims to provide art lovers and art seekers access to unique, hidden talent that only the Internet can allow.

Tumbhi is devoted to the discovery and blossoming of the latent, aspiring artistic talents of people everywhere. It seeks to cater to artistic talent in various forms – be it music, writing, painting, photography etc. It endeavors to level the playing field and bring undiscovered talent to the public mainstream at the artistic level. For everyone who has a dream of having their talent published, Tumbhi will help bring that talent to the fore. Today, to have ones talent published and brought to the mainstream of public awareness is a very onerous and overwhelming task that is virtually unachievable for the common person.

Tumbhi is backed up by few eminent people from the industry like IT entrepreneur and film producer Mr. L C Singh, director and writer Mr. Anurag Kashyap, founder of India art Mr. Milind Sathe, journalist and short film director Pankaj Shukla.