An Easy Way to Speed Up a Slow PC


Slow computers are incredibly annoying and frustrating, preventing you from being able to do everything from playing games to watching videos and even browsing the Internet. It’s a huge problem, which affects millions of computers all over the globe…. and thankfully, there’s actually an incredibly easy way to fix it!

The reason why most computers run slow is actually very simple. It’s all to do with a little-known part of Windows called the registry. This is a large database which sits at the heart of your PC, and is the main culprit for making your computer run slow. Basically, it’s the central “memory” for Windows, where your computer stores settings and information in files, which it can then load up whenever it wants. Everything from your Internet favorites to your latest emails are all stored in this database, making it an extremely important area of your PC… but there’s a problem.

Because Windows is constantly using the registry to reload different settings and options for your computer, it can have 100’s of different registry files open at any one time. This is okay, but the problems arise when Windows accidentally corrupts or damages these files. When this happens, your computer starts to take longer to read the files that it needs, which makes it run slower and slower.

Many computers have 1,000’s of damaged registry files, making your computer run incresingly slower. This is the main reason why computers run slow, and it’s amazing how hardly anyone knows that it’s happening, and how easy it is to fix. To fix it (and make your computer run a lot faster), you simply need to replace and mend all the corrupt files inside your registry. However, because the database is home to over 100,000 files, this is not possible for any single person (including Bill Gates)…

So to speed up your computer, you simply need to use a program called a ‘registry cleaner’. These are software tools which automatically scan through your registry and fix any file that is corrupt. Because these programs are like little robots, which scan through your system, you just need to click a button and the thousands of bad files that are ruining your computer are all fixed. They are pretty simple programs, but actually work incredibly well.