America Does Negotiate With Terrorists

The United States has a well-known policy (in theory) of not negotiating with terrorists. Unfortunately, that policy often takes a back seat to the politically-correct leanings of liberal politicians seeking to leave a legacy of “peace.”

We saw the two sides of this coin at work this week when the US Congress put a freeze on plans to dole out American taxpayers’ money to a terror-supporting Palestinian Authority, while Condoleezza Rice refused to give the Palestinians an ultimatum regarding that same nefarious support for the killing of Jews. (This despite earlier reports that the Bush admin was going to do the right thing.)

Rice and the rest of the Bush Administration feel that they must secure some kind of peace agreement between Israel and the “Palestinians” before the upcoming 2008 US presidential election.

And so we see Rice very clearly being taken in by PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas’ sweet talk about how in the new PA government he and his fellow “moderates” will take responsibility for negotiations with Israel, while those nasty Islamists handle the internal “Palestinian” affairs.

Rice and Bush are so desperate to bring “peace” to the Middle East that they are ready to accept this ludicrous situation, brushing aside the fact that any agreement Abbas may come to with Israel will never actually be implemented without the support of Hamas – well, the “Palestinian” obligations contained in the agreement won’t be implemented.

Abbas is nothing more than a smooth-talking, well-dressed fig leaf masking the true intentions of the Palestinian Arabs, as embodied in the virulent Hamas platform that they overwhelming voted for last year.

You can’t make peace with half of a government, while the other half remains openly dedicated to your destruction.

Let us pray that the Congress makes the right decision and does not make the American people, through their money, party to this dangerous deception.