Alzheimer’s Activities

Keeping up Alzheimer’s activities is vital if you have just been diagnosed with having Alzheimer’s disease. You must try to continue doing as many normal activities as you possibly can. Keeping yourself active for as long as possible will stop you from dwelling on the disease and what is going to
happen in the future.

We all probably know at least one person who has been diagnosed with a serious illness. As difficult as it may be, giving up all the things that you like to do, and sitting around thinking about what is going to happen to you, will only cause you stress. Stress is a major cause that can make the symptoms of Alzheimer’s rapidly increase. This is not what you want to happen.

By going out and mixing with your family and friends, you will find it to be a welcoming distraction for you. Plus it will make your family and friends feel as if they are helping you out by spending this time with you, and keeping you occupied. Don’t forget that Alzheimer’s disease can be very difficult to cope with for the people that surround the sufferer.

Doing some form of light exercise is a great way to burn up adrenalin and stress. When you burn up adrenalin your body produces endorphins, these endorphins promote feelings of happiness. Not only that, but doing exercise helps you sleep better, and gives you a better appetite.

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease you should be able to do most of the activities you like to
do. All you have to do is to tell people that you are having problems with your memory. If you have true friends they will accept the situation.

You might have to give some activities up as your disease progresses. If you are into doing swimming, cycling, dancing or anything else that may be challenging, you may find that it will become too hard for you to do. You may want to avoid doing activities that could potentially place you at risk.

As you reach the later stages of Alzheimer’s, you will find it a bit harder to find an activity that you can safely do. This is because you will find it difficult to remember things that you once thought simple. It will become more and more difficult for you to focus and concentrate on the things that you used to do.

However that still doesn’t say you have to give up everything. Have friends and family visit as much as
possible. Try to talk about the memorable times in you life. Sometimes you may find it easier to remember things from the past, instead of the present, with more clarity.

Listen to music. You could get someone to take you out for walks. Do as much as you feel you are able to do. The more you can continue with your Alzheimer’s activities, the less stress you will be putting on yourself.