All About Pediatric Pulmonology

.tags What would happen if a relative’s child started coughing heavily? What if he felt a choking, suffocating sensation when he breathed in and out? What type of doctor would be best to take him to? The specialist needed for these symptoms is a pediatric pulmonologist. They specialize in disorders and diseases of the lungs in a pediatric capacity. Like a general pediatrician or a pediatric internist, a pediatric pulmonologist is trained best to only treat children. Children have a wide variety of diseases that adults do not have.

Sometimes disorders in adults and children overlap, but there are some diseases, such as pediatric asthma, that have to be treated by a specialist for best results. A pulmonologist who treats children will conduct physical examinations of the child, will use special instruments and devices to try to diagnose each patient, and will prescribe an extensive array of potent medications if deemed medically necessary and helpful. Unlike say an oncologist or a stomach specialist, a specialist in children’s pulmonology will only have a patient base consisting of individuals with lung and respiratory disorders. Sometimes heart problems, as well as issues in other parts of the body, can directly or indirectly affect the lungs and breathing channels so a specialist has to also be trained in the overall diagnosis of the entire human body.

Most physicians in this area of expertise will be board certified. That means they have to pass rigorous tests in front of peer review panels. The amount of knowledge and degree of difficulty and memorization to become such a doctor takes many years of schooling. After medical school, the physician in this area may need to devote an additional five to seven years in a hospital setting just learning how to diagnose and treat lung and breathing disorders. It’s a learning curve that’s very long, but most successful doctors in this field are rewarded. In Baton Rouge pediatric pulmonology the professional services offer expertise in treating the young group of individuals who have specific problems. If the doctor is not board certified, do inquire to find out if he is currently seeking such qualifications. Certainly this type of specialized doctor will be licensed and a graduate of an accredited medical institution. Never use anyone less qualified.

Contrary to popular belief, a pediatric pulmonologist is not a young doctor, but a doctor who treats youngsters with lung diseases or problems. These doctors are often referred by a child’s pediatrician and can serve as a consulting specialist in difficult cases.