Alcoholic Drinks Recipes From the Past

Alcoholic Drinks Recipes From the Past

There are so many different kinds of drinks recipes available. We can have juice, milk, frozen drinks, and a plethora of others. However, there is one type of drinks recipes that everyone seems to love. Of course, this is the alcoholic beverage! The world has a love affair with alcoholic drinks, but many have no idea where these drinks came from.

One favorite the world over is beer. Over 6,000 years ago, beer was just being born. The Sumerians were fermenting drinks recipes when they began to harvest wheat and barley. As soon as the civilized society began, there has been beer. When the pyramids were being built, the builders got two things for their services: bread and beer. That says a lot about how well-loved beer was, even so long ago. In Mesopotamia and Egypt beer was their favorite beverage to drink. Beer has always been so loved by the world.

Next, there was wine. Many believe that wine probably began when ancient humans drank the juice from grapes that had fermented naturally. They eventually had to figure out a way that they could store it. What the needed to store the wine in was pottery. It might have been one of the drinks recipes technically easier to make than beer, but they had to have some way to store what they had created because if they didn’t it would turn to vinegar. Wine was at one time only for members of the elite classes and was also used for religious rites.

The Romans and the Greeks made different types of wine. They created high quality wine for the upper classes and the people with money. People in lower social classes got poorer quality of wine. During this time, different regions gained reputations for making the best wine in the area. It was a huge economic stimulus during that time.

Spirits, otherwise known as hard liquor, weren’t around until the 15th century. Rum and brandy were specifically enjoyed by sailors during the Age of Exploration. Spirits continued to evolve during the 16th and 17th centuries. They learned how to distill molasses to make rum drinks recipes. During the time when the North American colonies were trying to receive independence from the crown, distilleries made rum by distilling molasses. It caused huge friction between the colonies and the Crown when the Royals tried to put a tax on molasses. The colonists were upset because this molasses was how they made their rum. This likely is one cause that led to the American Revolution.

During the 18th century, Great Britain’s navy drank something called grog that they made with lemon and lime juice, water and rum. It is said that this concoction reduced illness and made the navy better able to cope at sea. Alcoholic beverages have been around for many, many years. They have been used for a variety of different reasons by many different people. It should be obvious by the response to Prohibition exactly how much alcoholic beverages, and the freedom to drink them, means to the world at large.

Chef Qing Hua, grew up helping in a food stall and learned about traditional cooking methods there. He received a diploma from the Overseas Institute of Cookery of Hong Kong and later traveled to many places to learn about various cooking methods and ingredients used as well as other recipes like drinks recipes.