Advice For Quality Cleaning

.tags Among all the things going green, cleaning is definitely one of the best for you and the environment. There are a number of clean cleaning steps that you can take that are easy. If you want to be healthy, clean and green, try out some of the ideas below.

Use green cleaning products. It’s easy to find cleaners that are non-toxic, made from plant-based substances and are biodegradable. Birch bark or palm kernel oil are just a couple of natural resources that are commonly found in environmentally-friendly cleaners. Cleaners that are pH-neutral are just some of the many other options. These safe, natural substances allow you to clean without being preoccupied with safety and worry.

Second, make your air quality better. Typical cleaners can emit harsh chemicals and scents that bother your eyes, sinuses or skin. Then there is also the presence of microscopic dust and other allergens that float around in your home. Typical air freshening methods can sometimes do more harm than good. The good news is that there are many natural air fresheners that can be bought in stores. Besides using it in your fridge, you could sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to create a fresh scent. For filtering your air, consider growing a broad green leaf plant or Peace Lilies indoors.

Keep your floor clean and the toxins out. It’s a real chore to keep floors clean and spotless. The toxins and pollutants that can be tracked on the bottom of shoes can create an unhealthy environment as well as making a mess. Sturdy doormats can help scrub away the worst offenders. Having a no-shoe policy in your home is an even better idea, or designate some shoes for only indoor use.

These are only a small sample of the green cleaning ideas for your home. Substituting soap and water for antibacterial cleaners and disposing of harsh cleaners properly can be a good start for more green cleaning. When you’re ready to learn more and become for green, there tips for however you want to live.

By taking a few simple steps you can begin to live a greener lifestyle. It’s up to you how green to make it. The key to green cleaning is to know what substances are coming into your home. With a little work your home can be green and clean.