Advice for Quality Cleaning

.tags Switching to green cleaning products is easy and incredibly beneficial for you and the environment. You don’t even have to sacrifice a thorough clean just because you’re cleaning with gentler products. If you want to be healthy, clean and green, try out some of the ideas below. Use green cleaning products. Cleaners made from renewable resources like tree bark and plants are not toxic and are biodegradable unlike many other harsh cleaning solutions. Plant-based green cleaners usually have pleasant, natural oils like coconut or palm kernel. Whether you want a cleaner that is scented, fragrance free or pH-neutral, you can choose from many options. You can be assured that these products are non-toxic and won’t damage your home. It’s also important to have good quality air. The fact that many cleaners have warnings about skin contact is a testament to the potency of many of the chemicals you are letting into your air. Besides chemicals, you also have to consider the pollen, dust, dust mites and more that are part of your home environment. Typical air freshening methods can sometimes do more harm than good. Instead of aerosol cans, consider other spray cleaners that are gentler and more environmentally friendly. Baking soda is a very traditional way to eliminate odors in your fridge as well as when you’re vacuuming. Plants like Peace Lilies or others with broad green leaves are great for filtering air even though they don’t necessarily freshen it. Clean floors mean less harmful chemicals indoors. Heavy foot traffic can make it difficult to get clean floors. The toxins and pollutants that can be tracked on the bottom of shoes can create an unhealthy environment as well as making a mess. Sturdy doormats can help scrub away the worst offenders. An even better way to alleviate the problem is to institute a no-shoe policy indoors. There are numerous other ways that you can go green at home. Limiting your use of antibacterial cleaners and getting rid of toxic cleaners safely are just a couple of ways to make a difference. There is an abundance of eco-friendly information out there if you want to learn and do more. No matter how green you are or want to be, there are many steps you can take to make a difference in your life. Green cleaning begins with knowing what substances are being brought into your home. It only takes a bit of work to make your home clean and more green.