Advantages of Using Hospice Service


Hospice services are made for those who are seriously ill and have opted to stop high treatment for curative reasons and only want pain and discomfort management. Hospice center offers complete support to all those who want to live a life of quality and dignity. The services that are offered by the hospice center include physicians, nursing support, counselors, social workers and therapists. There are also volunteers who step in during a time of need; which is based on the patient’s needs and desires. There is a misconception that the health care services are asked for when hope has been abandoned. But, actually this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hospice service is sought out in order to provide an ill person with dignity and comfort; and to ease their physical and emotional suffering.

In most cases, these services are provided to terminally ill patients during the last six months of their life. However, the services are not only available when the situation is intolerable. In order words, it is much better to make sure that the patient has some physical comfort before they reach the phase where they are not aware of their own surroundings in terms of pain.

It is important to note, one of the main focuses of hospice services is the end of life days. During this time, patients are made to feel safe and comfortable. This in turn enables the person to spend some quality time with their near and dear loved ones.

Hospice services are broad and extend to the people who choose comfort care over aggressive treatments or when a remedial approach is no longer an option. Hospice services utilize different means of improving the quality of life for patients. For instance, hospice services incorporate patient needs and desires in terms of their care and treatment options.

Managing a patient’s pain, discomfort, emotional, and spiritual well being has important consequences. For example, if the patient is physically, emotionally, and spiritually comfortable, then the person will be in a better position to address and/or complete unresolved issues and personal matters. These are things that may not be achieved if the person is in a hospital or a nursing home. In essence, hospice services can enable a patient to have a better quality of life and focus on more important issues.