Advanced Age-Fighting Ingredients Found in Japanese Skincare


If you are looking to get results in your appearance that you have never had before, then I strongly recommend for you to explore the methods of Japanese skincare.

It is obvious as you look over the course of time that Japanese women have always had advanced beauty technologies to create the smoothest and most youthful looking skin.

If that is something that you want for your own complexion, then I would love to share with you from my experience as an aesthetician some of the most powerful ingredients found in Japanese skincare.

Phytessence Wakame:

If you have never heard of Phytessence Wakame before, it is actually an advanced facial care ingredient that is extracted from Japanese sea kelp.

One of the main advantages that this offers to you in your facial care is that it is all-natural and effective.
Your complexion has a delicate moisture barrier that is held in place by the levels of hyaluronic acid on the surface of your face.

What Phytessence Wakame has to offer is that it attacks a damaging enzyme, which affects the levels of hyaluronic acid in your face, so it overall prevents the signs of age from showing. This is a completely vital ingredient to look for in your facial care because it offers a protection to your complexion unlike any you may have seen before.

Once you fight to preserve moisture levels on your face, your complexion will exhibit a firm and supple appearance that is free from the signs of a fine lines and wrinkles.

Eliminate Free Radical Damage:

One thing that may keep your face from looking its best is the presence of free radicals that are tearing down your cells and making your face appeared dull.

One necessary ingredient and powerful antioxidant to use in your facial care is Coenzyme Q10, which actually can work against free radical damage by penetrating through seven layers of your skin! This is something that will go hand in hand with the use of the advanced Phytessence Wakame ingredient found in Japanese skincare because they will both work together to protect the attack of age on your face.

Free radical damage can often occur through exposure to pollution and the sun, so using an active ingredient like Coenzyme Q10 will shield your face from unnecessary damage.

There are so many facial care products on the market today that do not live up to their claims, but as a licensed professional, I know which ingredients make a difference.