AdsOptimal Review 2017


AdsOptimal is a decent ad network. We chose AdsOptimal because they are partners with the reputed AdSense and DFP (Doubleclick for Publishers) by Google
AdsOptimal owns the unique Virtual Reality Ad form for mobile apps and websites
US-based Ad network

Pricing model: CPC, CPM

Traffic requirements – Unspecified

Ad tags: Popular IAB banner sizes and Header bidding technology optimisation 360° virtual reality ads, page-level ads, inline ads, smart bottom ads and video ads.

Customer support by email within 48 hrs

Payment: Net 15; Minimum Payout $50 through PayPal

Publisher revenue share: Unknown

Referral program: Earn 10% referral for One year when others signed up through your affiliate link
A word of caution: It will be a pointless exercise if your AdsOptimal account is not approved for Premium (Gold) status, just ditched it.

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