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Ad Revenue

Technology, as always has yet again proved that it can revolutionize anything and everything which it embrace. This time it’s the field of advertising which has been furnished with a new and very effective platform in terms of Digital Marketing. Mobiles, they share a major part of digital media and are such medium which have helped the advertisers to communicate the message across to the customers.

Mobile ads are used by companies to furnish information, through mobiles to the potential consumers about the various products or services they have to offer. Advertising on mobile work on various models such as: advertising through SMS or Display Banners or ads display on the applications used by mobile users etc and all these models are adaptable to suit to various needs such as target marketing etc.

Mobile ads by being such an adaptive and flexible model is making the Ad revenue generated through mobiles to become an important component in the overall revenue of companies and as it is a market which is expanding with a very fast pace, it is helping the companies and various publishers to maximize ad revenue by making investments in research and development in this domain.

The ad revenue generation model in this context work on various simple methods such as earn per click, earn per application install, click to call and various other earning models etc. and since the ad revenue generation model is simple, it also becomes simple to keep track of one’s earning with the help of technology which provide seamless and glitch free solutions.

Moreover the presence of various companies in this sphere, which mainly contribute by providing network and technology related services, it has become easy for one to publish ads in the right segment in the most efficacious manner. Moreover by enrolling with the network on any of these companies one can monetize their efforts with optimum utilization of inputs.

Stratoshear being one of such network providers in this sphere helps the clients in making them understand various ad revenue models and assisting them by providing the network which can be used to publish the ads on various mediums on mobiles. Moreover we along with our team of experts ensure that we provide you the best possible advice and best solutions to publish your ads by using our network.

Stratoshear provides you the best possible technological resources and glitch free network which work to ensure that we maximize the ad revenue for our clients. Moreover we ensure complete transparency in our operations and we strive to provide you with the optimum ad revenue tracking features which enables you to track the revenue generated by the ads in the most efficient and quick manner.

Author is an online marketer and loves to write on different subjects. With this post he is sharing information on mobile advertisements & mobile application development.