Abdominoplasty -when Dieting Is Not Enough

{flickr|100|campaign} You’ve been there. You’ve done that. You’ve dieted. You’ve exercised. It probably has brought some great results but there’s one little area that hasn’t cooperated so much. You know what it is, your stomach. Let’s face it sometimes the muscles are just so stretched that dieting and exercising won’t give you back the flat taught abdomen that you once had. If this is the case you might want to consider having an abdominoplasty performed.

Okay so the question is what is an abdominoplasty? The more common term is a tummy tuck. This is when you go to a certified plastic surgeon and have him remove the excess skin and fat from your abdominal area. It might sound a little like cheating but you’ve worked really hard to get your body in great shape. Sometimes your body needs a little help. And as for those stretched out muscles that have kept you from obtaining this wonderful goal on your own, you physician will take care of those too by repairing them.

What can you expect when you go in for your abdominoplasty? There will be some recovery time involved. Don’t expect to come strutting out of the hospital and go buy that bikini you’ve had your eye on. Your doctor will be making and incision, removing excess skin and fat, and repairing muscles before you are sutured close. There will be swelling, there might be bruising, there might even be a small tube to drain the fluid off. But all of this is only temporary. That’s right within a couple of weeks you’ll be standing tall and looking great.
When you go to your doctor’s appointment there are a few things to remember.

Don’t expect miracles. While and abdominoplasty can give you as smoother tighter stomach there may be too much there to give you the look you really want. Your doctor can help you with this by explaining what can be done so that you will be pleased with the results. You need to have a reasonable goal in mind. Another thing to remember is tell your doctor every medical detail no matter how irrelevant. Any little thing can change how your doctor approaches the procedure. He may prescribe some medicine for you to take prior to your surgery or ask you to stop something you are taking. Instead of prescribing one type of medicine he may very well choose something else.

An abdominoplasty can give you back what you’ve thought was impossible to regain, a tight smooth stomach.