A Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment That Can Clear Up Dark Circles Quickly


Dark circles under the eyes is the foremost cosmetic issue in the minds of many women. More than 50% of women cite dark circles as the most troublesome and irritating aspect of applying makeup and achieving a good, healthy, clean look.

The causes of eye circles.

In the medical and scientific communities, the prevailing opinions – of those stating an opinion – is that dark circles are primarily a genetic trait or a heredity-related condition. Another common cause is soft tissue pigmentation – a manifestation of excess melanin in the skin under the eyes – appears to effect certain epidemiological groups or some specific racial types; notably, southeast Asians, African-Americans and southern Italians from the Sicily area.

Other causes include aging – which is certainly a good reason to try to alleviate dark circles – and dilation of the blood vessels caused primarily thinning of the skin, certain medications or eye and sinus irritants.

Popular treatments for baggy eyes.

There have been countless homeopathic and holistic approaches used and the only certain way to know if a particular regiment is effective is trial-and-error.

There are almost as many theories on the cause-and-effect of dark circles as there are remedies. Fatigue, lack of proper hydration, smoking, alcohol use, stress, sunlight – or lack of sun – among the many cited with no apparent basis in science or medical research.

Some radical treatments involve surgery, lasers and injections. All have varying degrees of success and failure.

Plumping or moisturizing the specific areas is one of the least invasive procedures. Almost all of these remedies involves the use of a salve or cream as a vehicle for distributing and application of moisturizing agents.

Recently, there are some hybrid technologies that either mimic or use natural ingredients as found to some degree in home remedies. Typical home remedies include aloe vera, cucumber, lemon, potato, and nutrients such as Vitamin E and extra virgin olive oil (EEVO).

The only way to know if one method or another works is to try it.