A Colon Cleanse Versus the Lemonade Diet


Colon cleansing is not what you think it is, if you don’t already know. It’s not you, the patient, bent over an examination table, with your pants at your ankles and a gloved physician swabbing your colon, via the rectum, making comments about how “…unclean it is back there.” A good cleansing, according to Dr. Michael Picco, M.D. at The Mayo Clinic lists the warnings and precautions of any colon cleansing regimen or program, if you are wanting to do that type of thing.

There are many ways, formulas and juices used to get a good colon cleansing. There seems to be many kinds of cleansers, available just on the Internet, alone. Keywords and “Colon” and “Cleanse,” bring up an astounding 2,800,000 hits on Google.com. Just LOOK at all of them!

One method of colon cleansing involves The Lemonade Diet, which has been in existence for seventy years, according to The Lemonade Diet and is intended to clean out your colon and intestines. The Lemonade Diet also lists other benefits of the diet to include ridding the body of toxins and gland purification. It is not a diet that you would get on to lose weight, though that can be a side benefit.

The Lemonade Diet is comprised of a ten day fast (or longer if you can handle it), consuming ten daily portions of a lemonade-like liquid that you prepare yourself or, you can purchase a kit (remember those 2,800,000 Google hits?) from an online outfit or in a brick-n-mortar health food store. The lemonade recipe from a number of websites on the Internet. Research dictates that The Lemonade Diet is best for those for whom a ten day fast is easily done with the admonishments of Dr. Picco, in mind. So, which is it? The Lemonade Diet or some other type of cleansing?