A Code Word That Can Protect Your Child from Kidnapping

A Code Word That Can Protect Your Child from Kidnapping

According to scary statistics, every 40 seconds a child is kidnapped in the US. A threat may come your way from an unexpected direction, so it’s absolutely necessary to make sure that you have done everything to protect your family and save your child’ life. Teaching your kids a code word and some other crucial safety tips is extremely important to minimize the risk of kidnapping.

It may sound shocking but only 24 percent of abductions are classified as “stranger kidnapping”. Other children are taken away by family members or relatives (49 percent) or by those who the kids know (this is called “acquaintance kidnapping” and it makes 27 percent of all abductions).
Emphasize that it’s extremely important to demand the code phrase from anybody who states they have been sent by you even if it’s a family friend or somebody your child knows. If this person doesn’t know the code phrase, there’s no way your child can go with them, no matter what story this person has prepared.
You need to make your kid understand that danger can come from anybody, young or old, pretty or plain, smartly dressed or scruffy, kind and friendly or rude. Tell your children that anybody they don’t know is a stranger. A good way to teach your little ones is during a game. Role-play different scenarios to make sure your kids know how to behave in particular cases. You can pretend to be an abductor who tries to lure your child into their car or a kidnapper who asks for help in looking for their lost dog.
Tell your child to trust their instincts (the so-called “gut feeling”). If somebody makes them feel uncomfortable, they should go as fast and as far away as possible. You should be attentive as well. If they go somewhere alone, they should inform you or tell a trusted adult (for example, a relative) about this. Ask your children to tell you if anyone (this includes people they know) touches them in a frightening or strange way. Explain to them that it’s even worse if a person tells them to keep cuddles or kisses secret.

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-Most often, abductors aren’t really strangers. Therefore, kids don’t perceive them as a threat and don’t think that they should be careful around them.
-Teach your child not to follow anybody who doesn’t know the code phrase you have agreed upon. The phrase can be (and should be) something absolutely mundane.
-Tell your children that anybody they don’t know is a stranger. Make sure they know who they can trust if they get lost or are alone in some place and feel unsafe.
-Make sure they know special phrases they need to yell. Tell them they can forget about manners if there’s a threat to their life.
-Kids mustn’t approach any car to give directions. In case of a threat, they are to run in the direction of crowded areas, for example, shops, cafes, or other busy places. They should tell you where they’re going and when they’re planning to return. If their plans change, you should be aware of that.

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