A Background Check on Adoption and Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is considered as one of the main concerns all over the world. This is a crime under international law and in any nation’s legislation.

A background check on this fact shows that the issue on child trafficking has presently taken a more serious toll in the society. To sell and make profit out of a child by illegal means is a far out cry from the peace we wish to have for our own children, especially when they are not under our watchful eye. Unfortunately not all parents are like that. When faced with great financial need, there are parents who use their kids to gain money. Whether it is abandonment, one thing is positive-to sell a child is a crime.

There are cases where out of poverty a mother gives up her right to her child as she places him up for adoption. Unfortunately, this situation is given a more grave aspect with a mother being paid in exchange for her child. In some countries, no legal protection is given to a family and is pressured into going the option of selling their child to feed the rest. Promises like they will be better off with another family and other kind promises are the only assurance that their child is in good hands. Then again, are they?

None can do a background check with regards to the “family” that is going to adopt the child. The assurance that the child will be taken care of by good adoptive parents is not entirely definite the mere fact that the child was acquired through illegal transactions. We can’t even say that the “adoption process” can really be called as such. There are many ways that a child abandoned in this manner may end up somewhere else rather than what the biological parents intends to do.

There are children, after being abandoned, that are brought into the world parents would fear most-SLAVERY. Being bought by persons whose purpose is to make use of the child either for prostitution-with child pornography being one way of getting easy income-or through child labor, are usually what might happen to the child. An instance of such was a story of a little girl in China who was rescued from the family who “bought “her. The grandmother of the family actually suggested buying the child, who was then five years of age, so that in the future will serve as a housemaid for them. There are some instances when a child is used for laboratory use as they are made specimens, or their organs for transplants. This is the sad truth in child trafficking as the possibilities of placing innocence to harm is not so far. There are instances however when luck is on the child’s side as he is placed for adoption.

Not all adoptive parents are likely to get involved with such heinous acts. There are some who adopt, though in an illegal way, just to have a child of their own. This is usually done by people with issues in fertility. Usually the only background check they can acquire from the child is that of the mother’s. The rest of the family members are not mentioned anymore by the agency to, which they said the child came from. Unfortunately with child trafficking as the means of adopting the child, it is more likely that the information about the mother is falsified to mislead any attempts to get to the child’s biological mother (and for some to ease the doubt from families that are to adopt).

To use children as monetary means is but a bothering fact in today’s society. People who are involved in this act is what we can call to as leeches, taking the lives of the innocents as a total joke and making use of them for personal gain. This is but one issue that every nation must resolve fast.