8 Ways to Increase Traffic for Your Affiliate Programs

8 Ways to Increase Traffic for Your Affiliate Programs

Although you built it…it is good to have a website, but if no one goes to your website and there is no way to see it, it doesn’t add much meaning if you your goal is to make wealth online with affiliate programs that you are signed up with. To help new affiliate program partners, here is a quick list of 8 low-cost ways to generate traffic to your website to improve your sales and conversions if you are trying to produce revenue through affiliate programs or your own products that you are trying to sell on your website. You will realize these online marketing tips very helpful which will put you on the right path to better commission checks with the affiliate programs that you may be signed up with.

1. Links, Links, Links! Backlinks or “back links” are links from other websites to your site. They’re at times known as incoming links, inbound links, or even IBLs.

This is a well known and proven approach. It’s rare these days to see a website without a link to another site.

Lots of business owners are willing to exchange links with one another so that they can yield more visibility for their sites and affiliate programs.

The more you establish back links to your website from other pages, the more the traffic you’ll pick up as your site’s ranking improve in search engine listings.

If you’re exchanging links with other sites, it’s imperative that links are relevant. This usually means it is in the same niche or a related niche as your own site and affiliate programs.

This approach pleases humans as much as it keeps the search engines happy.

Exchanging links with authority sites or sites with high page rankings will increase your traffic even more radically in search engine listings.

This is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you can get your website ranked in the search engines without having to do a pay-per-click, this can be very cost effective because when a user clicks on those links, they are free clicks. Organic, natural listings or being seen in the general search results are a huge plus because, of course, it is free and it will save you a lot of money. Traffic and sales to your website and affiliate programs will to a great extent improve the more traffic you are able to get into your website.

2. Article Marketing . There are countless electronic magazines (called ezines) and article directories on the Internet which provide free space for you to submit articles. Submitting articles not only helps your presence on the web, but also helps boost your rankings up for the web pages that you have linked to the articles. This will help increase your sales and commissions for your affiliate programs.

If you want to keep your costs small, you can write your own articles based on your website or affiliate programs. But to save time ponder using the many freelance writers who are willing to create articles on your best converting keywords or keyword phrases. The fees are much smaller than you might think.

Write articles that complement your website, product, business, affiliate programs or other offers. Write on topics that you have expertise on so you enrich your knowledge base and soon be viewed as an authority on your particular subject matter.

Aricles should involve tips and guidance on your expertise. Looking at existing content on your chosen niche will help you fill gaps and allow your article to rank higher for those keywords.

At the end of the article submission process, you can insert a “resource box”. It’s here that you can say something about yourself, your business or affiliate programs and provide your readers with a link to your website if they want to learn more.

If they drop in on your site, they are already impressed and predisposed to your offer, wouldn’t you say?

Once you have your article established in your primary article directory, you can also send variations to other article directories.

There are a lot of free article directories available if you are doing a lot of article marketing. Article directories that many online marketing professionals like to use are EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, ArticleBase.com, ArticleDashboard.com and ArticleFactory.com.

3. Video Marketing . Video marketing can send literally thousands of visitors to your primary business and bring in more sales for your website or affiliate programs. It truly is the social medium of the moment. Just look at the popularity of YouTube! 5-10 minutes is all you need to get your point across.

You can either use a camcorder to video your own talking head or create footage around your product, affiliate programs or offer and include the audio later.

If you’re not yet sure of yourself on camera, you can also create a series of photos and powerpoint slides and record audio commentary.

Don’t forget to add your website URL in your vidoes. Be sure to include the keywords about your website, products, or affiliate program in the title, description and tags of your videos.

Once you have a a small number of videos made, you then need to guide traffic to them. The best way is to submit them to video sites. The most popular video websites are youtube.com, metacafe.com and dailymotion.com.

To really maximize exposure and get the most traffic to you website or affiliate programs, you can use video submission tools. There’s a free video submission service, TubeMogul. An even better tool is a paid service like Traffic Geyser or Videobot.

Once you’re registered on the main video sites, submitter tools will automatically submit your video to a whole host of video sites, resulting in tons of free traffic to your website.

4. Forum Marketing

This is entirely free – it only requires an effort of your time. Do some initial investigation to set apart the kinds of problems people have in your niche.

Once you feel you comprehend the community, you can give feedback to start a comment post, using your knowledge and expertise about your website or things connected to your affiliate programs.

You can get free advertising when you give feedback to forums that have a similar subject or niche as your site.

With every post, you can add a back link to your site. But remember to first give usefulness, not just blatantly shout out your site.

As you build up your reputation, you also build up the reputation of your site that could be visited and trusted by many people.

5. Twitter Marketing

Twitter and blogging are synonomous. They help you build your authority and social networks within your niche. You can make posts about your website, products, affiliate programs, or anything that others may find fascinating.

Twitter has completely transformed the way that people communicate online and since it’s free, it really should be an essential part of your whole marketing strategy and link to your blog.

Twitter is free to join and you can set up an account in a matter of a few minutes.

Twitter has proven itself to be incredibly addictive and, for business owners, very valuable too.

Technology such as Twitter has the potential to give us more than just an opportunity to tell others what happened in our day. We can use it to reach more people in a significant way.

Imagine if you had cost-efficient and fast marketing tools that met existing customers where they are and that also helped you attain new customers.

Imagine if you had the power to build a network of like-minded peers, a community of shared ideas and ingenuity. Distributing the word about your website or affiliate programs with multiple followers can be a huge plus when trying to obtain more exposure.

6. Blog Marketing

Your blog should be one of the main hubs for your business. It’s all about YOU Inc.

As your name gets passed around, you can widen your public awareness and build an opt-in list and RSS subscribe feed for people who regularly visit your site.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. A blog is like dating – you wouldn’t propose on the first date so why shove your sales pitch down a new visitor’s throat.

You can direct your articles, videos, forum posts, things about your affiliate programs and social media activities all throughout your blog.

This may sound like challenging work because of all the articles you may need to use to make a blog but on the contrary, it is not so. There are many, many sources of ideas and inspiration for your blog, which come from your day to day activities and your own personal development.

7. Facebook Marketing

Social networking has always been a main part of many Internet marketing strategy. But most don’t use it effectively at all. They flood the likes of Facebook and Myspace with offers and promotions. This won’t work.

If you want to use social tools like Facebook to generate traffic to your website, you first have to find the right groups and then invest something of yourself.

You need to be prepared to make a private connection with other folks in the community. This kind of media thrives on authentic networking. Join communities related to your website, affiliate programs, or things targeted toward your demographic audience.

Posting up helpful content on social networks will get you some awesome rankings on Google. The search engines seem to put a high ranking on sites like Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Squidoo and Hubpages.

In all these free or low cost traffic generation methods, it’s all about giving value to your niche community.

Leads generated in this way will be far more valuable for your website or affiliate programs.

8. Track Everything

If you’re preparing on doing any kind of web marketing, be it through search engines, email or advertising or other websites, information on your past and current traffic is crucial. Not to mention you’ll want web analytics in place so you can accurately track the new traffic your promotions will, hopefully, bring in. You want to know how your website and affiliate programs are doing at all times.

If you aren’t tracking your website and affiliate programs, taking time on a regular basis to identify with what the data reveals about your users and adjusting your efforts based on this information, you’re missing an opportunity to optimize your advertising and get a better return on your budget. For affiliate programs, you want to identify how your affiliate banners and links are doing. If you notice that specific banners and links aren’t doing well from your affiliate programs, you can switch them out with new ones to see if the new advertisements will perform better on your website.

A wonderful starting point for web analytics is using a free tool like Google Analytics and for stats for affiliate programs, you will find that affiliate programs partner that you are signed up with do offer good reporting tools to give you good web stats.

Affiliate programs can be a big source of revenue. One main part to maximizing your earnings for affiliate programs is to drive more traffic to your website. With many affiliate programs, as you become successful, the affiliate programs do as well. All affiliate programs partnerships want a win-win situation for all. Many affiliate programs are ready to work with you if you have any questions, comments or need more advice on making your affiliate partnership a success.