5 Vital WordPress Security Plug-in

5 Vital WordPress Security Plug-in

Millions of users are using WordPresss either for blogging or sufficing their website requirements. The increasing usability of WordPress among famous bloggers or e-commerce owners has also attracted the numerous hackers and spammers from all around the globe. To inhibit such miscreants and saving the WordPress from the attacks, various security plug-ins are available in the market.

Among all the available security plug-ins, below are the top 5 best plug-ins for the WordPress.

WP security Plug-in

People scan the websites or blogs to recognize the weak links present in the websites. WordPress security plug-in is best in disclosing the flaws in securities of the WordPress. It easily highlights the areas such as insecure passwords, vulnerable database, weak admin panel etc to the users in order to maintain the security without any delay. Most of the hackers look out for the unprotected versions of the WordPress as it eases them to crawl in. The added features of hide version disables the version of the WordPress, leaves the hacker confused, and secures WordPress at once.

Bulletproof security Plug-in

This easy setup plug-in for WordPress, secures the entire site or blog from hackers who try to inject malicious scripts such as XSS, RFI, CSRF or Base64.The malicious codes are injected into php coding of the WordPress in order to damage the whole website. The .htaccess files (distributed configuration files) present in the bullet proof security plug-in, discards all the injected malicious scripts that tries to reach the php coding of the sites or blogs.

Limit login attempts

WordPress provides the users an unlimited login attempts into the blog. For hackers, such attempt is like a boon. With the brute force attack, the hacker tries to login into the account and, traces out the password of the blog owners. They steal the customer email accounts to sends the spam emails, leading to loss of prominent customers from the sites in no time. This plug-in limit the login attempts from the hackers, restricts their IP address and disables the brutal attacks.

WP MalWatch Plug-in

This security plug-in is capable to sniff out the entire WordPress for any hidden malware. It scans the whole lots of php directories, hidden files, dashboards, widgets and analyzes the .htaccess files. It directly shoots an email to the blog owners, in case it detects any malware in the sites

WP Database Manager

The malicious attack by the hackers and spammers can lead to severe damage caused to a blog. It is always good for the blogs or websites owners to have the back up of their sites. The WP database mangers play the vital role in maintaining the database backup and it restoration. It also helps in clearing the tables, running the optional queries, and automatically scheduling the backup of the database.


The hackers and spammers always try to hit hard onto WordPress blogs or websites. It is the responsibility of the owners to play smart with such miscreants, by installing the best the security plug-ins for the WordPress in order to keep the blogs or websites safe and secure.

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