5 Dating Rules You Should Remember

With people dating, experiencing and experimenting, it’s a wonder to me that there are still plenty of single people out there. When you are single its like, man, am I the only one still single? Everywhere you look, you see happy couples laughing, holding hands and enjoying life. All your friends are in relationships or marriages and you are the only one in the single zone. What can you do to get yourself off the market and on the one way track to relationship bliss?

1. Don’t Give Up
The first thing you can do is don’t give up. This is a very important one because if you give up, stay at home and don’t do anything, how are you ever going to meet someone? Get out there and give it your all. There are plenty of women out there and hey, if you make a fool out of yourself, chalk it up to experience and move on to the next potential candidate. Its all about the numbers and the law of averages. The more people that you meet, the better the chance you find a person that finds you intriguing.

2. Be Positive
The second thing you do is be positive. Time and time again this is mentioned to everyone but not everyone does it. People let life grab a hold of them which strangles the happiness out of them. Hey, life is tough and if you don’t change your outlook, you’re gonna to be old and gray before you know it and still single! Being positive gives you an invisible glow that people like. It’s really attractive to be excited about life, what you do and your future goals.

3. Look Your Best
The third rule is to always look your best. Don’t go around everywhere with your sweats and expect people to like you for being you. Chances of that are slim to none. They can’t see what they’re working with, and with most people, people pick with their eyes. If they can’t see it, next! Also, by looking your best at all times and by being out and about, you are bound to find someone who will dig your style.

4. Don’t Talk About Marriage Right Away
The fourth rule is to don’t talk about marriage and how everyone you know is having kids, getting married and living the dream. This makes you look like you’re ready to get hitched just to catch up with your friends. It also makes you look desperate and will have you going back to rule number 1.

5. Don’t Bring Up the Past
The fifth rule is don’t bring up your past relationships. If it is brought up then fine, let them know in a couple of sentences that he/she was great and that you two just couldn’t work out your differences. By doing this, it will signify that you are a respectful person.