Missing persons cases can be difficult for all those involved because often, those searching simply can’t find answers. Sometimes people deliberately want to disappear, while other times individuals can vanish under much more bizarre and unusual circumstance. These are 4 Disturbing Missing Person’s Mysteries.

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4. Missing Trio of Forth Worth, Texas

It was December 23 1974, 17-year old Rachel Trlica wanted to get her last-minute Christmas shopping done before the holiday so she called her friend, 14-year old Lisa Wilson and invited her for a day of shopping.

Rachel drove over to Renee’s house in her Oldsmobile and once there, Renee’s neighbor, 9-year old, Julie Moseley, asked the girls if she could tag along too. Julie called her mother who was at work and At first, she told her no, but eventually caved and said she could go as long as she back home by 6pm.

The three girls hopped into Rachel’s car and first stopped at a local Army Navy Store. They picked up various lay-away items before heading to Sears which was at the Seminary South Shopping Center

3. Garnell Moore

The last time anyone saw Garnell Moore was when he was just 7 years old. Living in a poor part of Baltimore, Maryland, his mother was incarcerated and his father was homeless. With his parents unable to care for him, Garnell was left in the care of his aunt, Belinda Cash.

Cash took in the young boy when he was 6-years old but she never had legal custody of him. He lived there with here, never went to school and was never in contact with social services. In a sense, the public system never even knew he existed.

The last confirmed sighting of Garnell was in August of 2002. His other aunt, Trina Morton, had seen him playing outside of Belinda’s home. Trina talked with Belinda and arranged for Garnell to come visit her the next weekend However, the scheduled visit was postponed because Trina had gone into labor. When Trina called Belinda again to reschedule, Belinda simply said that it wasn’t a good time.

2. The Jamison Family

It was October 2009 when Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison, along with their 6-year old daughter, Madyson, hauled their most precious items into their truck and left home. That was the last time they would ever be seen again.

They had been living in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Although they had personal family issues, they seemed to lead a normal life. But on October 8, 2009, something happened that caused the Jamison’s to start packing their stuff abruptly and leave. Caught on a surveillance tape from a security camera they installed in their home, Bobby and Sherilyn were walking “like zombies” back and forth from the house and their truck, never speaking to one another other.

It’s said that they were looking to buy a 40-acre plot of land somewhere in the Red Oak Mountain range, and wwere thought to be headed there

1. Missing Women of Chillicothe, Ohio

With a population of less than 25,000, Chillicothe, Ohio is by all means a small town. But despite its size, it’s been haunted by the disappearance of several women over the past few years.

Since 2014, the city has had to endure various reported cases of missing women, And the numbers are starting to add up.

The first woman was 27 years old Charlotte Trego who disappeared on May 3, 2014. She was a mother of two and her family says it’s uncharacteristic for her to simply disappear without letting them know. On the same day she disappeared, her friend, Tameka Lynch, also went missing. Tameka’s body was found three weeks later in a creek. Her death was listed under “undetermined circumstance” but it’s believed she was already dead before she was placed in the water.