3G booming the market



3G is the new technology the 3rd Generation communication technology which helps you to get high speed internet access, gaming, video calling and more other services. With the introduction of 3G the usage of all the services will increase to its fullest.

Gaming is yet another area that has seen a surge and is poised to grow even more as 3G allows high-definition, multi-player gaming with a huge number of different types of games. The mobile gaming industry has been growing at 10 per cent month-on-month, but in the last six months the number of games downloaded has increased by 60 per cent. Increase in the number of high-end phones in the 3G season has also contributed to the trend, experts said. 3G will give the same experience of gaming that one gets in a personal computer or a laptop or play station. It is expected to see an increase in games downloaded by at least by 100 per cent and as many as 60 3G-enabled games will be launched in the next few months.

To provide 3G educational content services in India, Educomp solutions have formed a joint venture with US-based Zeebo Inc and Lakshya Digital. Whenever this device is connected to a Television it will give you a large range of educational services 3G based which will help a student to understand a subject very well. Sometime later during the year this project is going to be launched. The company claims at providing relevant content so that the children get a fun-filled learning experience and it does not become a hectic task.

Listening to songs and downloading can be done with much ease anywhere and with a lightning speed.3G enables a user to browse over two million tracks and videos and create personalized playlists. It is expected that the application to be more popular in the 3G environment as live streaming would be faster. 3G Internet connections offers speeds close to 4-5 mbps or more which will enhance the download speed.

Video calling through 3G is extremely clear with lightning speed and best clarity. You can see your loved ones and talk to them as if they are in front of you.

Main benefits:

* 3G video calling is real time

* No specific application needed for your mobile phone, just make a video call

* No 3G data connection required, it’s a bidirectional videocall h324m

* VoiceXML allows easy programming to connect thousands of cameras

* Audio in/out for IP cameras having an inside micro and speaker

There are a lot of companies that provide 3G services and plans like Tata Docomo, BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, and Reliance etc. It is very difficult for a easy to get the best plan that will be good as well as beneficial for him as he gets confused to select from so many providers. To make a consumers life easy and to reduce this confusion Aajkideals.com brings a very simple comparison plan so that a customer can compare and select the best possible and suited plan for him for free.