3 Ways to Display Alpha Male Body Language and Behavior


There are many changes you may be able to make to your actions and behaviors to display more masculine alpha male body language. Many people do not realize that becoming or being an alpha male is a choice – not something you are born into.

Today we’re going to look at 3 ways you can change your body language to appear and become more confident:

1) Your body should convey a relaxed vibe – the speed at which you move and talk, the way you react to situations and your tone of voice can all be used to your advantage. Take a more chilled out approach to everything, your movements should be relatively slow and controlled, your muscles should be relaxed also.

Examples of bad body language include: fidgeting of the hands – either with an object or just with your own fingers; raising of your shoulder also convey a non relaxed person, keep your shoulders back as if a bucket of cold water has just been poured down your back; wrinkling of your forehead is another example of bad body language, it conveys a tense or even aggressive face, keep your facial muscles relaxed.

2) You should aim to be in a conversational mood, you want to demonstrate higher value through interesting stories about yourself. You also want to be the less reactive person in the conversation – you don’t want to ask her too many questions as this can end up giving the person you’re talking to more value. The ideal thought process to be in is that you don’t care what the other person thinks – just say whatever you want.

3) Attitude to convey – ideally when talking to people you want to come across as if you don’t care what they think, you don’t need their approval you are just being yourself. You don’t want to come across as caring whether a woman likes you or not – you attitude should be that you are great guy (which you are) and that there are loads of women out there that are right for you.

Changing your body language is a great way to feeling more confident, if you display confident body language your mental mindset will change to reflect this. Do not let your mental mindset affect your alpha male body language if you want to become a more confident individual.