3 Delicious Paleo Chicken Recipe Ideas Your Family Will Adore


The amount of Paleo diet enthusiasts is climbing immensely and the desire for new recipes is a simple fact. Most of us have demanding and stress filled lifestyles where finding the time to cook complicated meals is not always a possibility, fot that reason simple Paleo dishes are needed.

You will find plenty of sources of Paleo recipes on the web, forums and in cookbooks. In most cases individuals use their personal touch to make unique, but still delicious and healthy recipes.

Chicken is one of the preferred foods in the Paleo diet. With fully Paleo qualities, chicken can be used in a good number of Paleo recipes. Delicious and very simple to prepare in a number of ways, you can use it in virtually every meal type. Whether it be a breakfast, main dish, salad or side dish, there are literally an unlimited number of ways to cook chicken just by adding extra ingredients that can give more flavor to it.

Chicken and egg salad with almond satay sauce is one of the most popular Paleo chicken recipes. In addition to having chicken, it includes eggs which are a very good source of proteins, almonds and coconut cream which are also fully Paleo foods in addition to great alternatives to dairy products. Containing all the needed ingredients to be used as a main meal, this chicken recipe may also be used like a side dish. Surprisingly easy to cook, this nutritious recipe will please grown-ups and children.

Another tasty and simple to prepare recipe with only seven ingredients is the chicken breasts piquant. Paprika, onion, lemon and pepper are on the list of ingredients. Like many other Paleo recipes, this chicken recipe has two ingredients which are used in virtually every Paleo meals, they are garlic and onion. If you look at cookbooks or online recipes you will note that numerous versions of the chicken breasts piquant are available. Everyone introduces a personal touch by including just a little spoon of honey or green peppers or even another ingredient and the resulting recipe will still be very yummy.

Perhaps you might have realized, one of the favored ingredients in the Paleo diet is coconut milk. Coconut milk is abundant with calcium along with being a great replacement for dairy products which are not allowed in the Paleo diet. Mixing coconut milk with chicken and including curry we get a wonderful recipe. Thai coconut chicken curry includes the sweet taste from the coconut full fat milk together with the moderately bitter curry flavor. Whether using yellow, red or green curry paste, the recipe will no doubt be delicious. Some additional ingredients could be used like a bundle of asparagus turning the recipe into a more attractive and flavorful one.

You can clearly see that, the quantity of delicious and exquisite Paleo chicken recipes is huge and it’s really hard to decide on only 2 or 3 and say: these are the most delicious ones. The secret is to choose one Paleo chicken recipe and then make new (blank) unique dishes by adjusting the ingredients and adding in new ones. A small dash of a new ingredient can turn a tasteless recipe into an exotic and amazingly tasty meal.

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