2010 events calendar

Joining events is an essential part of student life. But how to choose the most interesting events between others? This 2010 calendar for must-see events will help you.

2010-01-01: New Year’s Day. This great event takes place annually. You are able to enjoy the event marking the end of the New Year’s Eve celebration and the start of a new year.

2010-01-18: Martin Luther King Day. Celebrated on the third Monday in January, it represents the birthday of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. This great event is scheduled in 2011 calendar, for January 17.

2010-02-14: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day celebrates affection and love. People in the USA honor St. Valentine while surrounded by smiling faces, heart shaped gifts, chocolates and roses.

2010-02-15: President Day. As well-known as Washington’s Birthday, this great event is held on the third Monday in February. The 2011 calendar schedules this event on February 21.

2010-03-17: Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17. Yearly, the Americans together with the Irish immigrants are taking part at this great event.

2010-04-04: Easter is a great holiday in many countries. Easter comes along with special decorated eggs giving to celebrate the event. For the 2011 calendar, Easter Sunday falls on April 24.

05-05-2010: Cinco de Mayo means “Fifth of May” and symbolize the victory of Mexican army over French. This event is great in learning the Mexican-American experiences and culture.

2010-05-09: Mother’s Day is an annual celebration of mothers, of their contributions to the society.

2010-05-31: Memorial Day is always held on the last Monday in May. This event is the one celebrating the soldiers who died while serving their country.

2010-07-04: Independence Day is as well-known as “Fourth of July”. This great federal holiday commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

2010-07-05: Independence Day. The federal observed holiday is actually held a day in advance or prior the Independence Day.

2010-07-25: Parents Day, held on the forth Sunday in July, recognizes the role of the parents in children’s education.

2010-08-21: Woodward Dream Cruise. It is also an annual event, the largest one in the world, where you are able to admire numerous classic cars.

2010-09-06: Labor Day is a commemoration of the deaths of American workers, back in 1882, September 5.

2010-10-11: Columbus Day celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America.

2010-10-31: Halloween is a great event scheduled by the 2010 calendar on Sunday. It is a very popular event with deep roots in the Samhain Festival of Celtic origin.

2010-11-11: Veterans’ Day is renowned because provides the opportunity to honor the veterans.

2010-11-25: Thanksgiving is a symbolic event expressing thanks and gratitude to God.

2010-12-25: Christmas Day commemorates the birth of Jesus in many countries. It is a traditional and holly event associated especially with gifts.

It is a vicious cycle which allows the events to stimulate memories linked with some and cherish the re-arrival of others.