2009 International Symposium On China Wind Power Investment – Wind Power, Investment – Electrical

Start time: 2009-08-21 End time: 2009-08-23 Venue: Jinling Liyang Hotel Contact: Miss Pearl Contact Phone: 025 – 52636727 Sponsored by: Public Relations Society of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Renewable Energy Industry Association Liyang Municipal Government

Sponsor: Jiangsu Public Relations Association Professional Committee of Jiangsu Province, wind power Renewable Energy Industry Association Professional Committee of Jiangsu Province, wind power Renewable Energy Industry Association Professional Committee of wind power

Sponsor: Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing come together
Jiangsu Science and Technology Information Institute
JF Pearson Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Supporters: Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce
Renewable Jiangsu Province Energy Development Project Office
Machinery Research and Design Institute of Jiangsu Province
Jiangsu Science and Technology Daily Jiangsu Province Motor Engineering Society Electrotechnical Institute, and Jiangsu Show Overview: Global Financial Context of crisis, wind power industry development and investment finance and production and research Cooperation Opportunities.

Wind power is an important renewable energy, with inexhaustible advantage. Accelerate wind power development, and promote renewable energy technology development and industrialization of the close combination of investment and explore large-scale renewable energy development road, in order to reduce the cost of renewable energy use, world countries, especially developing countries, the most urgent task facing.

China’s wind power industry is developing rapidly, but with the international wind power industry, there is a big gap between the level of development. 2010, experts predict, China will become the center of the international wind energy market, may also become the manufacturing center of the wind power market.

China’s wind power Investment & the Second International Conference on Wind Power Industry Development Forum in Jiangsu and Fair for Investment and Financing Project support by the Government, professional bodies operate, high-level forum of wind power, will bring together global experts in the field of wind power , entrepreneurs, famous investment institutions, and government officials, for the challenges of global financial crisis, as well as technological innovation and industrial development of China’s wind power development investment and financing opportunities, challenges and countermeasures.

This forum by the relevant state departments, the investment community, industry and media attention. When the leadership of the relevant government departments will visit and speak, to present national plans and projects to support the latest technology progress, interpret the latest national policy. President of famous investment institutions, well-known wind power entrepreneurs, senior industry experts will focus on the global financial crisis, the harsh situation of wind power industry development and investment and financing issues and focus on market and technology trends, hot topics, exchange interaction, leading edge of information transfer, looking for cooperation in investment and financing opportunities. Meanwhile, the government and foreign and domestic investment funds, the support, the Forum organizers will provide pre-, during and after the sustained investment and financing services, a high-level international conference will be the last wind power industry in Jiangsu Forum and Fair for Investment and Financing projects based on the release of the charm of a more brilliant!

Session value: 1, to establish the top social network, for more cooperation opportunities
2, with many well-known investment institutions and colleagues face to face interaction
3, with the competent government officials and industry experts face to face interaction
4, understand the latest industry developments and trends, understand the investor and how to effectively focus on investment

5, to become members of the Association, by continuing professional services
6, a keynote speech in the forum, access to promotion opportunities

7, the company introduced the forum included in this bulletin and widely publicized official website, you can get investors attention