2007 Trends in Politics

The year 2007 will be a pivotal point in present period politics for the United States of America. The Iraq conflict will continue to take center stage and the economy will cool down, while the Presidential Administration will have to determine how to deal with Syria and Iran, the insurgency and nuclear weapons in the hands of International Terrorists. Indeed, every year has its political events and each election cycle has its overriding points of contention.

The Midterm 2006 Elections changed the playing field, as the Democrat Modern Liberals took back seats in both the Congress and the Senate to win the majority. Of course even with a robust economy much of the elections focus was on the media’s version of the conditions in Iraq and the United States involvement there. In 2006 we observed unabashed personal attacks on the Bush Administration in the media with a level of hate rhetoric never seen. Guerilla politics ruled the day as the 2006 political year faded away.

The democrats with the majority will have to make good on this claims to lead the way in 2007. Unlike after the 2004 elections in 2005 where we saw a re-emergence of conservative thinking and Christian Values, after the 2006 Midterm Elections the pendulum swung back and the Democrat Modern Liberal viewpoints of the opposition party re-gained some political control. It cannot be debate that it is important to study the politics of each and every year to determine how this will shape future periods in American Politics and how we can learn from our mistakes and prevent large gaps in political divide that will hurt our nation’s forward progression.

In this article we must advise the reader to look at exactly how the opposition party’s attacks on the President’s Administration, media support and war cries helped the Democrats win so many seats in the Congress and Senate and potentially how this will shape the politics of 2007 and even the 2008 Presidential Election. We will discuss the so-called “Lame Duck” status of the Bush Administration and what this means in terms of the power struggle between parties. I hope you will enjoy this topic on the Politics and Pure Opinions of 2007 with an open mind and understand the challenges created and the future that awaits.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this article and hope you will consider this topic at length. Understanding human politics in the present period will help us understand how to become more efficient, more homogenous and better prepared to handle the crisis which lie ahead. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?