2007 Debate on Definition of Modern Liberals

Recently I have gone on record stating that Modern Liberalism is a disease spreading across America and asked the simple question; Can it Be Stopped? Indeed, modern liberalism today is not that of the definition of our Founding Fathers and their sense of what liberalism was. Further the dictionary definition is nothing similar to the direction that this modern liberal mindset is taking our nation.

No one said liberals were diseased. The main point of contention is relatively simple. Liberalism is a disease to a Nation’s Ongoing Viability. Just like a disease threatens the health of the Human Bio-System. Not all diseases kill humans, but the cause them to run inefficiently and cause other issues.

Liberalism, that is to say modern liberalism, not the liberalism of some of the Founding Fathers, but the current paradigm of political correctness, which embodies the Modern Liberalism of today is having a chilling affect on both the Health and Wealth of the nation.

It is making the United States unhealthy and putting it into a weak state just like a disease would. Indeed, this is not to say that liberals are diseased in anyway. Perhaps that was not understood in the beginning of this Forum, but Liberalism is not a person, it is a concept you see? And the humans who cling onto the “Modern Liberalism” as virus or disease vectors. Much like Mosquitoes spreading SARS, West Nile or Malaria. They are simply spreading the disease or condition of ineffectuality, inefficiency and un-healthiness throughout the land.

The United States is therefore infected with this virus or disease. And the question is can the disease be stopped or cured so the United States of America can return to reality, efficiency and live strong. It is too bad that philosophical debate is so difficult in this medium, perhaps this maybe yet another symptom of the same? Perhaps of interest in debate in 2007.