10 Unbelievable Future Aircraft Technologies

10 Unbelievable Future Aircraft Technologies

From flying saucers, to the most secretive of government projects, these are 10 Unbelievable Future Aircraft Technologies !

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6. The Survivor Jet
Can you imagine an airplane that could actually heal itself in mid flight? This could become a reality by 2040 as scientists and engineers at BAE systems have released some information on future aircraft technology. Inside these planes, contain a lightweight adhesive material, that flows through a pattern of carbon nanotubes. So basically, if a wing or something becomes damaged, this fluid is released and patches up the holes. It’s almost like a built in 3D printer that repairs aircraft in mid flight. Of course, we don’t know exactly what kind of technologies will be released in 2040, but with advancements in 3D printers, this seems to be a reality. Hopefully, this will flying safer for years to come.

5. Motherships
You have heard of motherships from sci-fi films, where flying saucers are transported by one ginormous, known as the mothership. The US air force and Nasa have considered something similiar to this, and in the future, it’s possible there could things like flying aircraft carriers. Here in this photo, we see an artist’s portrayal of a mothership carrying 3 other bomber planes. But this could actually be a reality some day in the future, as technology advances. Even in World War II, some bombers carried what was known as parasite fighters with pilots inside. NASA’s Hyper X project involve planes being held underneath the wings of the boeing B-52 Stratofortress, like you see here. A concept like this could certainly be put to use more often, especially when it comes to drones, since their popularity is increasing. Here in this photo you see what’s known as the DARPA Hydra, that looks like a massive blimp

4. The Double Bubble
When NASA began looking increasing its urgency to make aircraft more eco friendly, they didn’t just have the military in mind. Most flights are commercial or civilian as well, so they tested out some eco friendly designs with the similar, revolutionary engine, we mentioned in our #7 section. The double bubble is the nickname for the twin-hull plane that would save an estimated 2095 gallons of gasoline on a flight from LA to New York, compared to most commercial aircraft in the present. The engine would also be quieter and reduce noise pollution for people who live airports! Although it might look rather bulky, it proves to be rather aerodynamic. Nasa awarded the group of engineers with 2.9 million dollars, recently to build a demonstrator model, so it’s not in the skies just yet but you can bet your money it will be some day soon!

3. The Megadrone
Is it a plane? Is it a helicopter? No it’s the Megadrone! But somewhat similar to both. This is known as the Joby S2. It takes off like helicopter but once it’s in the sky, it has the capabilities to fly like a plane. If somehow were could personally own one of this to get us to work each morning, that’d be awesome. Although you might think it’s designed for the military, it could be a personal flying machine. It’s powered by a lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide battery. Whatever that is. It has 12 helicopter like rotors, that allow it to propel upwards but then, once it’s at the proper height, you can transform the rotors, into wings, so you can glide through the air.

2. Supersonic Tank Transporter
While some people might be impressed with dweeby little military drones, in the Federation Russia, they’re focusing on much biggers and much more intense tank transporters! This plane here is known as the Pak Ta which is a conceptual aircraft that can carry a payload of 200 tons. The conceptual design would be theoretically able to reach anywhere in the world within 7 hours at speeds of over 1200 miles per hour! The Russian Armata Tank that Russia recently began using, weighs about 48 tons. Imagine about 4 of these bad boys knocking at your front door! Not good. This also would have stealth cababilities!

1.Flying Saucers
Will some day, mankind make the proper advancements to travel in a way that’s been depicted in sci-films over and over? It seems like extraterrestrials have no problem flying in this fashion, so why haven’t we figured it out yet? The US and Canadian government tried first with the avrocar but with no success. The main goal of Etnel Straatsma, the mastermind of this design, was not to bring sci-fi to life but to build more eco friendly designs. It was supposed to set to actually fly in 2013 but mysteriously, there haven’t been any updates on the project since 2007. Nasa Came up with their own design in 2015 and they’ll probably use this for the next decade to disprove UFO sightings. They called it the LDSD and landed in the pacific ocean used to drop weather balloons.. Sounds clever. The 2nd test however didn’t go so well and it was shredded when it entered space