10 Smart Tricks to Avoid Pickpockets

10 Smart Tricks to Avoid Pickpockets

How to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets. Even if you’re super careful and attentive, you’re still not 100% protected from pickpocketing. If you don’t want to lose your money and save yourself from falling victim of pickpockets, pay attention to some simple but important tips that can help you save your money and other valuables.

The most popular pickpocketing schemes: “Sandwiching” their victim 3:12
Criminal #1 forces the victim to stop suddenly. They might ask for directions or drop a bag full of groceries, spilling the contents everywhere. Most people will stop to help someone in need. Meanwhile, criminal #2 goes in for the attack. He “accidentally” bumps into the victim, apologizes profusely, and walks away with a stolen wallet.

Pretending to have been robbed 4:25
Sometimes in a crowded place, you might hear a person scream, “Somebody’s stolen my wallet!”. Of course, after this, everybody usually starts checking if their valuables are safe. They pat their pockets or open their bags and peek inside. What they don’t realize is that this is just a trick to help pickpockets determine with 100% precision where everybody keeps their money.

Using kids 5:00
Pickpockets will use any means necessary to distract you, and they eagerly involve children in their criminal schemes. For instance, they send a cute little kid to distract you by showing you their drawing or toy while an adult member of the crooked crew (or even another child) sneaks up on you from behind.

How to protect yourself from pickpockets 7:19
First of all, make it hard for criminals to get to your belongings. Avoid big crowds. Don’t constantly touch your bag or your pocket where you keep your wallet or money. Never ever count your money in public! If you carry a purse, shorten the strap. If you go to a place notorious for pickpocketing incidents, it may be a good idea to prepare a fake wallet. If you travel with a backpack, wear it the other way around, on your front.


Common myths about pickpocketing 0:43
Top-choice places to rob people 2:30
Popular pickpocketing schemes:
“Sandwiching” their victim 3:12
Fake drowning 3:58
Pretending to have been robbed 4:25
Using kids 5:00
A fight 5:32
Singling tourists out 5:58
Cities with high levels of pickpocketing 6:48
How to protect yourself from pickpockets 7:19

-Most common pickpocketing myths are believing that you’d surely feel someone putting their hand in your bag or pocket, hoping for safety of your inner pockets, and claiming that you avoid crowds and thus will stay safe.
-Pickpockets operate at museums, beaches, open markets, restaurants, train stations and airports and in public transport.
-One criminal asks the victim to stop and help them while the second one bumps into him and steals the wallet.
-The victim rushes to save the “inexperienced swimmer” while their belongings are stolen from the beach.
-While you check your pockets after someone “has been robbed” the pickpockets find out exactly where you’re hiding your valuables.
-They send a cute little kid to distract you while adult criminals rob you.
-Fake fights draw crowds that are a perfect place for collecting wallets.
-Criminals eagerly go for tourists, so stay alert.
-Hanoi, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris are top 5 cities, which are notorious for high levels of pickpocketing.
-Don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket or in a bag that doesn’t close entirely. Avoid big crowds. Never ever count your money in public. When you go out, take only the bare minimum.

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