10 Horrific Mexican Cartel Attacks

10 Horrific Mexican Cartel Attacks

Mexican drug cartels are infamous groups led by powerful narcotics lords. From Los Zetas to the CEO of crime’s Sinaloa Cartel, they’re responsible for some of the most violent firefights & attacks in Mexico.

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With a $40 billion drug-trafficking business, several corrupt and violent groups in Mexico have emerged over the years as they attempt to control more money, land, and power. With it comes a natural struggle amongst one another in what’s led to countless deaths throughout the country. As members rise, leaders fall, and lives are lost, blood is constantly being shed in a society where murder is synonymous with success. We now present to you, the top 10 horrific Mexican cartel attacks.

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Number 10: The San Fernando Massacres
August, 2010: Los Zetas—a notoriously ruthless Mexican drug cartel—intercepts buses trafficking 73 immigrants and executes all but one. They kidnap and slaughter the victims to deprive their rival, The Gulf Cartel, of the reinforcements they sent for. The lone survivor was an Ecuadorian man who was shot at the head but fortunately, the bullet missed his brain. After a shootout with Los Zetas, Mexican military units found the 72 bodies in a mass grave. This 2010 massacre took place along Highway 101 in San Fernando, Mexico and since then has been known as “The Highway of Death.”

Justice for the victims did not come, however, as the power and brutality of Los Zetas is greater than the law enforcement and government control. The Chief of Police investigating the massacre was murdered. Additionally, a year after the first massacre, 193 bodies of victim immigrants were found to have met the same violent fate. In 2011, the drug lord responsible for the massacres, Edgar “El Wache“ Montiel, was captured by Mexican Federal Police along with 80 other members of Los Zetas. “El Wache” Montiel bragged that some of the immigrants were forced to fight each other to death for the cartel members’ amusement.