10 Disturbing Crimes Solved By Children

10 Disturbing Crimes Solved By Children

top 10 kids who cracked police cases help arrest criminals
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There is a stigma that claims that just because one is a child, it means that they can’t make a contribution to society or make an impact on the world around them. However, time has told us that this simply isn’t true and that age and size is really just a number. There are children and preteens who are clever enough to figure out when a criminal is at work and do what is needed to make sure they are brought to justice. But there are also those who are the children of criminals or those who commit wrongdoing, and they reach a point where they’ve finally had enough and report their parents to the police. Other times, these children are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, and they keep their emotions together and use their quick wit to report the incident to the authorities and are able to bring a criminal to justice.
In this video are ten crimes that have been solved by children. Whether these children were trying to solve the crime intentionally, or they stumbled upon the crime being committed, they showed an act of bravery by turning the perpetrator in to the police. These days, there are adults who will look the other way and go in the opposite direction rather than get involved in busting a criminal. So much has happened to good Samaritans that you can’t blame adults for trying to stay safe rather than brave. But the kids in this video defied any feelings of fear and went forward with success.

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